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A Birthday Celebration

I'm just warning you now, there's a lot of birthdays coming up in my life from now until the end of summer, so be prepared for a lot of birthday posts! This month, it was my brother's birthday. If you've also had a birthday in March-April time, you'll appreciate that having two birthdays in lockdown is not fun! That being said, we tried to make it as special as possible, so today I thought I'd share what we did for this special day - I hope you enjoy!

We started the morning off by getting the entire house decorated. This year, I decided to go for a rainbow theme, just for fun! So everything we had was super colourful and over the top; the more the better! In the living room, we had tassels, confetti, and these fan things which looked fantastic! We then put the gifts underneath and added some ribbon over the top just to make it seem even more like an explosion of colour! These decorations were from Talking Tables, Ginger Ray, and Amazon.

Once my brother arrived we went to work on opening the gifts! I fit all of mine into this kraft gift bag from Paperchase, and put balloons and ribbon around it. Some of the gifts I got him included:

- A roast dinner kit

- Deliveroo voucher

- What Do You Meme? game

- Snack boxes from different countries

There was definitely a food theme I accidentally went with!

Once the gifts were opened, we went through to the kitchen/dining area. We had also decorated this space with the same items, and made the table look awesome! It included party hats, rainbow napkins, and colourful straws! I had bought doughnuts from Kilted Donut in some fantastical flavours, so we sat down and did a taste test of them all. This was a super fun way to spend time, and we had a great time doing it; I definitely recommend something like this!

From there, we sat down and did a quiz I put together. This is another fun way to spend some time in a lockdown birthday. It was a typical quiz apart from the last round, where I got pictures from our childhood and did questions inspired by those photos. It added a nice personal touch to the quiz! We then just spend the rest of the afternoon chilling out before it was time for dinner!

For dinner, my brother requested surf and turf, which included steak (chicken for me), prawns, salt and chilli chips, mashed potato, onion loaf, and loads of vegetables and dipping sauces; it was amazing! For pudding, it was birthday cake, but I was certainly too full by that point!

We then played a couple of games that were gifts that day, before going to bed. The next morning, my Mum had put together a fantastic breakfast display; it was amazing! it included granola, yoghurt, bread, fruit, doughnuts (of course), and pastries. It was the nicest breakfast I've ever had; I wish I could have it every day!

And that was it for the birthday celebrations! We had a fantastic time, and I'm so impressed with what we were able to do in a lockdown! I hope this inspired you if you're planning some kind of celebration soon! Do you have any celebration planning tips? I'd love to hear them!

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