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A Day In My Life (Weekday Edition)

Today you're getting a sneak peek into the riveting private life that I lead! I kid, of course, but I thought it would be fun to show you what an average day in my life is like during a working weekday. I, like many people, work five days a week, some days in the office, and some days at home. Today was a commuting day, so I thought I'd document my day!

As always, I start my morning routine when I first wake up by going into the bathroom and brushing my teeth. This involves flossing and using super floss for my false teeth. I also use lip moisturiser. Then I wash and moisturise my face. From there, I go into the living room and kitchen and open the curtains/blinds and generally get those rooms ready for the day.

Then I go back into my bedroom and get that room ready for the day, which involves turning some lights on and making the bed so it looks pretty. I then do general things like put on deodorant, use a face wipe around my eyes, and put on hand cream. From there I set up my desk to get myself ready, and I pluck my eyebrows (yes, I have to do this every day). From there, I put my makeup on. I always do this by my computer as it gives off more light, and means I can watch something on YouTube while I get ready.

Then I do my hair. Nine times out of ten I'll just straighten it. My work involves a lot of walking around and physical activity, so I like to do my hair in a way that means I don't have to think about it during the day. Then I get dressed and put some body spray on. And voila, I'm ready!

I always pack my breakfast and lunch in the same lunch box and have both of them at work. I used to eat breakfast before I left, but I was always starving by lunchtime, so now I wait and have it when I get to my desk. I always have a Ryvita breakfast bar, and a tub of fruit (today it was blueberries and cherries). For lunch, I had houmous, oatcakes, and carrots. I also treated myself and took two little brownie pieces that my mum baked for me. I always bring a banana and an apple to snack on throughout the day as well.

My commute to work is actually pretty simple, I get two quick trains to work, so it's quite nice that I can just sit and I normally just listen to a podcast. You can find my favourite podcasts here. I get to work at 9am, and unfortunately I can't give you much more information than that as most of the work I do is confidential, so you'll just have to trust me that I do some work from 9am-5pm! I do finish work at 5, but annoyingly I have to wait a little while for the next train, so I normally finish about 5.30pm, and get transport back and get home at about 6pm.

Once I'm back I immediately make the house all cosy by drawing the curtains and putting some lights on; I love spending the evening in a cosy flat! I put my pyjamas on too, I don't know how anyone can spend time at home in their work clothes! I'm always starving by this point, so I immediately get on to cooking the dinner. I try and have varied food throughout the week, so what I have changes each day. I always try and cook something a bit more complicated on days off, or days I'm working from home, and on days that I'm working in the office I just throw something in the oven. Today, I just went for a microwave chicken tikka masala (which is one of my favourites), and some garlic naan bread. On other days I might have spaghetti bolognese, chilli, fajitas, chicken burgers, or pasta and sauce. I eat in front of the TV and catch up on YouTube.

Once I'm done and cleaned up, I tend to do a bit of general cleaning about the flat just to keep on top of everything. Then I have a shower. This involves shampoo, then conditioner on a Wednesday and a deep conditioner on a Sunday. I use a face wash every day to remove my makeup, and an exfoliator on a Wednesday for a deep clean. Once out of the shower, I use body butter to moisturise.

At this point I get myself comfy on the sofa and will work on a few tasks, whether that's life admin, or I'll do some stuff for the blog. Then I try to wind down and get myself relaxed for bedtime, so I'll pop a TV show on and do some colouring. This is something I've really enjoyed recently, and I find it so therapeutic, so I always make time for this during the day.

At about 9pm I'll brush my teeth and then get myself into bed. I try to make the environment super cosy; recently I've been re-reading the Harry Potter series, so I'll put the soundtrack on my laptop, and read for about an hour. At 10pm, I then put something on my laptop to fall asleep to, which might be a TV show or a YouTube series, and then I'll go to sleep.

And that does it for my typical weekday! I hope you find it insightful and interesting. I'd love to know what a typical day in the life is like for you; please feel free to share!

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