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A Day In My Life: Weekend Edition

For something a bit different, I thought I'd show a typical day in my life. Obviously things are a bit unusual compared to normal, as we're coming out of lock down, and I'm still being very cautious. I've also chosen to do this post on a weekend, as I deal with private information in my work so I wouldn't be able to show much at the moment! But nevertheless I hope you enjoy getting an insight into my weekend!


I typically wake up at 7am on a Saturday and immediately get up and get dressed, sort my room, brush my teeth, and tweeze my eyebrows (in order to tame the natural monobrow I have been blessed with).


By 7.30am I'm ready to go, and I head off for a half an hour run. I've not quite got my stamina up to run the whole time, but I'm getting better every day!


By 8am I'm back home and I immediately go for a shower, and then I get into what I like to call my 'day time' pyjamas, as in the jim-jams I end up wearing during the day!


I typically spend a fair bit of my Saturday morning getting odd jobs done that I didn't get the chance to do during the week. I try to do all my cleaning on Friday, so on Saturday I tend to only have a couple of things to do. Today I did some washing, and I went and cleaned my car inside and out, and made sure the oil was topped up and all those boring jobs. I'm starting to work back in the office on a part-time basis next week, so I made sure my car was sanitised, filled up with petrol, and stocked with face masks and hand sanitiser.


I had completed all my tasks by 10am, so I moved on to breakfast. I'm not a big breakfast person, so I tend to just stick to some chopped-up fruit and a smoothie. I did also sneak a cookie in to my breakfast this morning for a bit of extra energy (or that's what I tell myself at least). From there I sat and watched TV for a little bit.


At 11am I went upstairs to my computer and spent a bit of time playing The Sims. I really enjoy spending a bit of time in my weekends by myself playing something relaxing like The Sims.


At 12pm I had lunch. I'm pretty bad with this and tend to just graze throughout the afternoon rather than having a proper lunch, so that's something I definitely want to work on! Immediately after I went out on a relaxing walk.


After I returned from my walk I went back to my computer and started working on my blog posts for the coming weeks. Normally I'll do one or two at the weekend, however I've got a busy September coming up, so I ended up spending about four hours stock-piling posts for the future. On a normal week, I would spend an hour or two on blog posts and then relax in the living room watching TV.


At 5pm I sat down for dinner. On the menu tonight was curry, which was delicious. I know 5pm is early for a lot of people, but it works better with my schedule to eat earlier.


At 6.30pm it was time to quiz! I logged onto Zoom and took part in various quiz rounds; we were all tasked with creating a quiz round each...mine was 'Where in the World is Alice?' where I badly photoshopped myself into pictures of somewhere in the world, and we had to guess where that place was. It was a really fun way to spend the evening!


For the rest of the evening, I caught up with YouTube videos in the living room, just relaxing and enjoying my night. I even treated myself to some leftover sticky toffee pudding and ice cream which is my favourite thing ever!

Overall, it was a lovely, relaxing day, and a typical reflection of how I am currently spending my Saturdays. I'd love to know what you typically get up to on your days off!

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