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A Day In My Life (Weekend Edition)

You may have seen that I recently posted a day in my life on a weekday (if you haven't read it yet, you can check it out here). So I thought I'd make it a series and do a weekend as well! Now I probably didn't choose the best weekend to do, as we were in lockdown when I made this post, so there wasn't much I could do. On top of that, I was also feeling rubbish on this day; running nose, sore throat, the lot! So I just took it easy, but I thought I'd share anyway; I hope you enjoy!

So I started off the day by getting ready using my normal morning routine. If you're interested, you can see what that entails in more detail in my weekday post linked above. This morning I also had some strawberry and peppermint tea as I could take my time getting ready as I didn't have to rush to work. The only main difference is that I did not put on any makeup; I've made it a routine not to wear makeup on the weekends to let my skin breath. Only if I have a special occasion do I wear any! I then got all wrapped up as it was very cold and windy outside (typical Scotland) and headed out for some fresh air and exercise! For reference, it was 9am at this point.

I went on a lovely walk for just over an hour that took me all around Edinburgh to see some of its most iconic sights. I listened to My Favourite Murder as I walked, which definitely set a creepy tone! The streets of the city are so deserted at the moment that you really feel like you have the whole place to yourself!

Once I got back I was starting to feel really rubbish, so I just got into my pyjamas and pottered around the flat doing a bit of tidying. I always do a big flat clean on a Friday, but every day I like to just do a bit of sorting to make sure everything stays in order. Today, I tackled my large pile of ironing I had been avoiding. Then I got myself comfy on the sofa, and sat for a couple of hours doing general tasks, like organising my food shop, and working on my blog!

For lunch, I just wanted something to make me feel a bit better, so I had some carrot and coriander soup (my favourite) with some bread, and then some fruit as well. Sundays are not my best day for eating, as I'm really just trying to use up anything I've got left before my food shop comes in!

After cleaning up my dishes, I then sat and played on my brand new Playstation 5. I feel so lucky to have finally got one, and I'm having the best time with it! I'm currently playing through Until Dawn in preparation for playing Little Hope! I can't wait to get the new Harry Potter game next year; is anyone else excited? I always try to set a time limit for myself, so I don't end up playing all day!

Every day I try and do something relaxing and away from a screen, since I always feel like my entire life is surrounded by screens, so I try and do something a bit different. I've recently really enjoyed adult colouring books; I find them so relaxing and I often find that hours have passed without me realising!

Then, it was time for dinner, so I made up some bruschetta since it used up a lot of leftover items. I highly recommend considering bruschetta for dinner; it's delicious, sort of healthy, and so easy to make! After that, I cleaned up my dinner and spent some time relaxing and dozing in front of the TV. I tend to mostly watch YouTube in the evening, catching up with some of my favourite YouTubers!

After putting away my food shop that arrived, I went to bed to read my book for a little while. I tend to read for about an hour each evening. Again, this is really my attempt to just get away from screens before going to sleep, and I find it makes it easier to actually fall asleep each night as well. At the moment, I'm doing my annual re-read of the Harry Potter series; I'm considering moving on to the Bridgerton series after this; would anyone recommend it?

And that was my day; I hope you found it interesting! I'd love to know what you've been getting up to on your own weekends; feel free to share with me!

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