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A Day In My Life (Working From Home)

Yep, I'm doing another one! If you've been following my blog the last few months, you'll have seen that I did A Day In My Life (Weekday Edition), and Weekend Edition! Today, I thought I'd tick the final one off the list, and do a weekday working from home. It'll be a neat little time capsule of the time I spent around half the week working from my own bedroom. I hope you find this interesting!

I started the day by getting up a bit later than I normally do on a weekday; 7.30am. It's always nice to get that extra 45 minutes of sleep, and I always wake up that little bit more refreshed. I then go through my normal morning routine, which you can see in more detail here. The only difference is I don't wear makeup when I'm working from home. I like to let my skin breathe on these days. Sometimes I'll have some kind of presentation, so I'll wear makeup then if required. I also always stay in my pyjamas, and just throw on a jumper if I'm taking a video call...it's important to be comfy!

I then have breakfast and get my room set up for the day ahead. I tend to work at my computer as it's easier, so I get some water, my notebook, and put a podcast or something on on my phone so I have something to listen to as I work. Sometimes I'll switch it up and use my laptop in the living room, just for a change of pace. I tend to start work a bit earlier when I'm working from home, so I tend to start about 8.30am and work until 12pm.

Honestly, because there's so few distractions, I tend to get the vast majority of my work done by lunchtime when working from home. I then have my lunch, which will normally be one of the following:

- Chicken wrap

- Baked potato and salad

- Soup and a roll

- Hummus, oatcakes, and carrots

I try to also go for a walk during my lunch break if the weather is nice. It's often just a stroll around the local area, nothing strenuous. I sometimes find some cool graffiti and art on my walks, such as this one:

Once I'm back, I then carry on with some work; typically doing some planning for things in the future so I'm staying ahead of myself. I'll take another quick break halfway through the afternoon just to break up the day, and I'll typically have a shower, just because I'm feeling pretty gross at this point after sitting at my desk all day and walking around the city!

At 5pm, I log off for the day, and cook my dinner. On this occasion, I a easy microwave curry with some vegetables. I couldn't be bothered with anything complicated; after a day of work I'm always looking for something quick and easy to make. I tend to just sit and watch TV while I eat, and then I try to clean up immediately after, but honestly, I often just leave it sitting for a while...

I then just chill out in my living room. I'll typically do a video call with my Mum for a while, just to check in and have a chat. And then I like to try and do some winding down activities, whether that's playing the PlayStation, or doing some colouring, which I've been finding really therapeutic at the moment.

And with that, at about 9pm, I'll get into bed and maybe read or just scroll TikTok for a while, and then go to sleep about 10pm! And that does it for my day working from home. It's not particularly interesting, but I wanted to capture it as it's a neat little time capsule! What's your experience been like of working from home, or studying from home? I'd love to know!

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