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A Day in St. Andrews

St. Andrews is a beautiful town in Eastern Scotland, famed for its university, beaches, and golf. It's only about an hour and a half away from where I live, and so I've visited a fair few times. It's a wonderful place for a relaxing day trip; everything is close together, and there's a chill vibe around the town. So today I thought I would look back on my own trip to St. Andrews and recommend some fun things to do there.

St. Andrews Aquarium

We began the day by visiting St. Andrews Aquarium. I would recommend starting here as it's a small space and I imagine it can get busy later in the day. First thing though, we had the place to ourselves. For a small aquarium, it was really fun, with unique things to see like meerkats! While we were there we witnessed the sea lion feeding, which was great fun. All in all we spent around half an hour here.

St. Andrews Beach

We walked through one of the most famous golf courses in the world (and the oldest), the Old Course. We weren't up for playing today, but it was nice to walk right through the middle of an iconic sporting area. This eventually led us to West Sands Beach. Not only is this a beautiful place to walk, but it's also where they filmed the opening scenes of Chariots of Fire, so if you're a film fan it's a great place to visit.

St. Andrews Cathedral

From there we walked about fifteen minutes over to St. Andrews Cathedral. It's a beautiful ruin of a monumental cathedral that stood many years ago. We spent time walking around the grounds looking at where different parts of the church once stood. We kept seeing signs for a ticket office, however we were able to walk around the entire area without buying a ticket, so I wouldn't bother paying for this attraction if I'm honest!

I should note that next door is St. Andrews Castle. We personally did not visit this attraction as it was very similar to viewing the cathedral, but I've attached more information if you're interested.

Lunch at Forgan's

We stopped for lunch at Forgan's. We didn't know much about it, but it's located centrally in the town. We were pleasantly surprised; it had a beautiful alleyway entrance with ivy covered walls. Inside it was just as beautiful, with beautiful tables and chairs and glass ceilings. There were also special rooms leading off each side of the main hall for larger parties that were decorated like a Victorian study. It's an Instagrammer's dream! The service was also top notch. My dad, who I was visiting with, had the burger, while I had the beef bourguinon with puff pastry. Let me tell you, it was delicious. We had onion rings as a side and the whole combination was delicious.I would definitely go back here if I were to visit St. Andrews again.

St. Andrews Museum

From there we walked to St. Andrews Museum, but we were dismayed to discover that it is in fact closed on Sundays, so bare that in mind if you want to visit!

And from there we headed back home. There's actually a fair few shops in St. Andrews as well if you're interested, so you could certainly spend longer in this small town, but it wasn't on our agenda for the day this time. We headed back over the beautiful Queensferry Bridge and went home.

I had a lovely time in St. Andrews; I would definitely recommend it as a full or half day trip if you're around in the East of Scotland. All in all the day cost us £85 (including petrol). Let me know if you've visited St. Andrews and what your favourite thing to do is! There's so much to explore that we didn't even cover, including visiting the university buildings, so let me know what you have found!

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