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A Harry Potter Weekend in Edinburgh

Surprise! I have one last addition to my Edinburgh series that I have been doing over the past few weeks. Today I thought I would replicate a past blog post I did that walked you through a Harry Potter-themed trip to London. However this time I will be going through a Harry Potter-themed trip to Edinburgh!

If you're unfamiliar, Edinburgh and Harry Potter go hand in hand. JK Rowling wrote many parts of her books in this city, and it is clear that Edinburgh has inspired different parts of the story. It's definitely a must visit for any HP fan.

Day One

Start your journey by checking in to the Canongate Luxury Apartment. This is a beautiful, but highly sought-after, apartment that you can rent that is themed around Harry Potter. Staying here you truly feel like you are sleeping in the Gryffindor Dormitory. The apartment is also conveniently located on the Royal Mile, so it's incredibly central to everything you may wish to do on your visit. It's not cheap, but it is the only Harry Potter themed accommodation in the city, and I personally think it's worth it for it's location and theming.

Photo Credit: Canongate Luxury Apartment

Once you've checked in, I recommend taking the five minute walk up to the City Chambers. A government building located on the Royal Mile, JK Rowling's handprints have been encased in one of the stones out the front. It's pretty amazing to be able to walk up and look at Edinburgh's own walk of fame!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Now time for dinner! Where else to go but the Elephant House? Famed for being one of the places that JK Rowling would sit and write the first Harry Potter book, this is a mecca for fans. As a result, it's an incredibly popular place to visit, so be prepared to wait a while for a table. The bathroom also has a plethora of messages from Harry Potter fans which is amazing to see.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Now that evening has fallen, why not head along to The Cauldron, where you can make "potions" (cocktails). It's a fun experience where you can experience some Harry Potter magic while also having a fun night out!

Photo Credit: Edinburgh Live

Day Two

Ready for breakfast? Let's begin the day with a trip to the Balmoral Hotel. This is another location where JK Rowling would sit and write the books, plus it's also an amazingly beautiful hotel! Breakfast is available at the Brasserie Prince restaurant, and afternoon tea is available from the Palm Court. It's a lovely way to begin your day!

Photo Credit: Boutique Hotelier

Suitably full, take the quick five minute walk over to the Department of Magic Escape Room. Loosely themed around Harry Potter, this escape room is a lot of fun, and would make for an exciting start to your magical day.

Photo Credit: Itison

From there I recommend heading along to Greyfriar's Cemetery. Often thought to be one of the most haunted locations in the world, this place might be better to visit during the day if you're feint of heart! Completely free to visit, the graveyard has many interesting tomb stones that were the inspiration for many iconic character names, including Tom Riddle himself!

Photo Credit: Flickr

Right next door is Victoria Street, a sloping, cobbled lane of many different shops and restaurants. It is often said to be the inspiration for Diagon Alley, and the street has certainly embraced this idea. When you're down there I recommend visiting The Boy Wizard, a Harry Potter merchandise shop, and Museum Context, which has many mythical items.

Photo Credit: Ashley Wanders

By now you'll be likely thinking about lunch. I recommend taking a ride on the Harry Potter Bus Tour. This will take you on a wider circuit of Edinburgh than you may wish to walk, showing you many other areas that inspired aspects of Harry Potter. And even better, there's lunch included too!

Photo Credit: Edinburgh Live

At this point I recommend heading back to the room to relax after a long day of walking. If you've still not quite got your Harry Potter fix, however, why not check out the second The Boy Wizard shop on the Royal Mile, very close to your room!

Now that evening has fallen, it's dinner time! I recommend visiting The Witchery by the Castle. Situated at the entrance of Edinburgh Castle, this mystical themed hotel has a restaurant that is just as magical. Once again you really feel like you're sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room!

Photo Credit: The Scotsman

Lastly, if you've not quite got your Harry Potter fix, there are many Harry Potter walking tours available. While you may have already seen many of the locations on the tour, they can provide an extra level of detail and fun!

Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

And that's the Harry Potter adventure in Edinburgh complete! I hope you find this useful. If you've been to Edinburgh, let me know what your favourite Harry Potter location is!

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