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A Lockdown Birthday

Today I'm switching things up a bit and doing a lifestyle post. It was my brother's birthday last weekend, and while we couldn't do much because of the lockdown, we made it a cosy and chilled out birthday.

We began by making breakfast. I didn't manage to get a picture, so you'll have to imagine that this cupcake on a plate is a bacon sandwich with potato scones and mushrooms, and a smoothie!

In the afternoon he opened his presents. The main thing I got him was a mini fridge for his room - I was pretty chuffed with that one as a present idea.

For dinner we got takeaway from our local Chinese restaurant. It was actually a pretty big deal as it has been closed for the last four weeks, so it was a real treat for us. And of course, after dinner, we had to cut the cake! We also ordered tubs of ice cream to have as well which was lovely.

After we had eaten we played some games, like Cluedo, and we played makeshift volleyball with the balloons. It was a really relaxing day, and even though we are in lockdown, I had a lovely Sunday!

I'm sorry this one is so short. I have loads more ideas for blog posts while we're still in lockdown, but I wanted to document this specific weekend, and I thought it might give you some nice ideas if you have a birthday coming up! My question of the blog is less of a question and more of a call for ideas; do you have any lockdown birthday ideas?

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