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A Visit to Punnydukes

Can you believe it? Last weekend I had my first travelling trip since lockdown! On Friday afternoon I headed down from Edinburgh to Essex to visit my family members. Please note that we maintained social distancing rules, sanitixed often, and wore masks. I had the best time, and it was so nice to see my family members after such a long time!

On Sunday we embarked on the seven hour journey back home, however we decided to take a detour to the town of Matlock, in Derbyshire, to visit Punnydukes. If you're a Harry Potter fan I'm sure you've heard of this shop before. Located in a side street on Matlock High Street, Punnydukes sells amazing merchandise from many different artists and companies (with a lot of it based around Harry Potter, hence the name).

The exterior of the shop is beautiful. Situated on a small side lane off the high street, it's perfectly hidden away in a secret courtyard. The outside of the shop provides a wonderful hint for what will be revealed inside, and provides some great Instagram opportunities! We received a very friendly greeting when we first arrived, and quickly moved on to our exploration of the shop...which is much bigger than you may expect when you first look at it. We were informed that the back part of the shop was opened in December, and it makes an already deceptively-large store even bigger. We ended up spending 25 minutes inside.

The interior of the store is like a dream. Each room has a different decorative theme, and is packed to the brim with things to look at. As I said we spent almost half an hour in the shop and I am sure we didn't see everything. Each artist has a different small section to show their wares, each of which are incredibly beautiful and very reasonably priced.

Even areas that did not have products for sale were incredibly detailed and beautiful. There was an area that looked like King's Cross that was perfect for a photo opportunity, and a beautiful Alice in wonderland themed wall as well. I really mean it when I say that this is an Instagrammer's dream!

As I said before, this place is a Harry Potter fan's perfect location. There was so much to look at. While none of the products are officially licenced by the Harry Potter franchise, these incredible artists had made so many replicas and HP-inspired items; I wish I could have bought them all! It was clear that the people who made these products are genuine fans of the franchise, making them all the better!

There were loads of other items to enjoy that weren't Harry Potter-themed, of course. This included a room dedicated to the artist Katie Abey, which had items like cards and tote bags for sale. There were also many mystical products including crystals, incense, and tarot cards.

If you're interested in visiting, at the moment they are taking walk ins, however it's better to book a slot to guarantee entry to the shop, which you can do via their social media channels. Otherwise, I definitely recommend taking the trip out to Matlock. I didn't know much about the town before visiting, but it's absolutely beautiful and there looks to be some wonderful things to do in the area, so I will definitely be back in the future!

I recently wrote a post showing my Harry Potter collection; feel free to check it out!

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