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A Week of Outfits: Spring 2021

I thought I'd try something a little bit different today, and show off a week of my outfits! Now I am by no means a fashionista. I enjoy fashion and buying different clothes, but in lockdown I've certainly been in a bit of a slump. I always throw on the easiest and comfiest things to wear, since I have nowhere to go! I'm fine with that, and happy spending most of my time in my pyjamas, but now that things are opening up a bit more, I'm hoping to push myself a little bit. So I thought I would record a week of my outfits, to encourage me to actually put on some proper clothes every now and again!


Monday is always an "I can't be bothered" day, so I like to go for something comfy that I don't have to think too much about. Today I went for a spotty dress (from Dorothy Perkins) and put a cosy jumper over the top (from New Look). This turned out to be a mistake, as we're experiencing a random heat wave here in Edinburgh that's very unseasonal for March, so I was roasting, but it kept me comfy! I paired the look with some brown chelsea boots.


Tuesday was a work from home day, and while I like to talk a bit talk about now wearing pyjamas, it's always hard to be motivated to get dressed! I didn't have any meetings scheduled, so I didn't have to worry about what I looked like, so I enjoyed being in my pyjamas all day! This particular set is from Uniqlo, which is my favourite place to get pyjamas.


I was back in the office on Wednesday, so I went for a leather skirt (from Vero Moda) with a black top (from New Look) tucked in. It also had puffy sleeves which I am a big fan of! I normally just got for black tights, but I thought today I'd mix it up and I went with purple tights. I then wore my brown chelsea boots again.


Thursday was another work from home day, so of course I had to go with another comfy pair of pyjamas. This time, as it was colder, I threw a jumper on top. My pyjamas are from Uniqlo, and my top is from the gift shop at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. It's so comfy and keeps me super warm!


Friday was a nice day, so I wore this Spring dress which I love. It's so comfortable and light and I get a lot of compliments when I wear it. I just paired it with black tights and brown chelsea boots as per usual! The dress is from Nasty Gal.


On Saturday I had to do a couple of online presentations for work, and then I went for a walk to enjoy the sunny day we were having, so I just wore a casual outfit. I wore my Ivy Park workout leggings which are super old, and a small world jumper from Magical Day Apparel.


On Saturday I went for a walk around the town, and thought I'd make a little bit more effort than usual, which for me involves curling my hair, which is always a chore. It doesn't really show up in the pictures, but my hair was very curly on this day; it made me feel like it was Spring for some reason! I just went for some blue jeans from Topshop, and a t-shirt from Magical Day Apparel!

And that does it for my week of outfits! Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary, but it was a good exercise for me to do. If you're feeling in a bit of a slump with your outfits, I recommend doing the same thing!

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