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A Weekend in Brighton

Brighton is a seaside town at the very South of England. Known for its pier, its Hipster attitude, and the weird amount of YouTubers that live there, it's a great place for a short weekend getaway.

I figured while we're still in lockdown and travelling is a no-go, I'd carry on blogging some

trips I have taken in the past. Today we're focusing on the trip me and my mum took to Brighton last December for a short weekend break. My question of the day is, where is your favourite place to visit for a quick getaway?

Day One

To get to Brighton we flew to Gatwick Airport and then took the train straight to Brighton Station. It was an incredibly easy and simple process, with plenty of signposts pointing you in the right direction. The train takes around half an hour, and the carriage we were in was incredibly clean and quiet. It was a lovely way to enter the town.

From the station you can walk straight down the street and end up at the beach. Me and my mum took a relaxing walk along the beach, taking a look at the pier, as well as the pier than burnt down many years ago. There's plenty of sights to be seen just from going for a walk in Brighton; on our short trip we stopped to watch a large group of people go running in to the icy cold water just for the thrill of it!

We then checked in to our hotel - Premier Inn - it was a pretty basic hotel, but our room was large, and we had a balcony looking out on to the sea which was lovely, especially in the morning.

We didn't stick around our hotel for long, as we headed straight out to the Brighton Pavilion, perhaps the most famous icon of this very town. It is a palace built for one of Britain's many Kings. he was fascinated with Asia, and so the inside is decorated with rich red velvets and dragon motifs. It's an incredibly strange experience walking in from a traditional English park into the Asian architecture and design. We absolutely loved the pavilion; each room was massive, and there was so much to see in each room. Out of everything we did in Brighton, I would recommend this the most.

After our trip we headed over for some Brunch at Bill's. This was a fantastic experience.

The restaurant was incredibly well decorated, with plants and shelves everywhere. The food was beyond amazing! I had pancakes with fruit, and my mum had toast with avocado, eggs, and salmon. We both loved our breakfast. We loved it so much we have made it our goal to visit Bill's every time we're in a city that has one! I would say, however, that you'll most likely need a reservation to visit here. There was a queue out the door waiting for a table the entire time we were there; even though we had a booking we still had to wait a while to be served, so take that into account if you plan to visit.

Suitably full, we headed over to the Brighton Lanes, a series of streets with a mix of independent and high street stores. We thoroughly enjoyed the shops we looked in, however I was a little disappointed with how small the complex was. I would recommend allowing maybe around an hour for shopping here, rather than the half day or so I had planned in.

However this then gave us plenty of time to relax in our hotel room, freshen up from our plane journey, and watch the sea from our balcony, which was lovely. Getting hungry again, we headed out for dinner. We ended up at an Italian restaurant which was really nice, but annoyingly I have completely forgotten which one it was! All I can say is that there's plenty of restaurants in The Lanes for visitors to enjoy.

Day Two

Day two arrived and we started off with breakfast in the hotel before heading out to the Sea Life Centre. We aimed to arrive as early as possible as we knew it was a popular tourist destination, and this tactic worked, as we basically had the place to ourselves. The Sea Life Centre was lovely. It was in a large underground cavern that displayed incredibly calming blue light.

From there we walked over to the Brighton Museum. As far as museums go, it's not large, but it had some really interesting exhibits and some unique objects. It's definitely worth popping in to have a look at what they have to offer.

And from there, we took the train back to the airport to head home. It was a short trip, but we had a lovely time; it was a good mix of relaxing and exciting!

Overall I'd say Brighton is a great place to visit for a day trip, especially if you're already visiting London or the nearby area. We spent just over 24 hours there, and I'd say we saw everything we wanted to see, so if you fancy a day trip away, I would recommend Brighton!

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