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Best Dining Locations in Edinburgh

For the final part of my Edinburgh series I'll be focusing on some of the best places to eat in Edinburgh. As it's a city, there are tons of fantastic chain restaurants to visit, however today I'll be emphasising the one-off unique restaurants available to give you a unique Edinburgh experience. Hopefully there will be something on this list for everyone.

If you're new, this post is part of an ongoing series focusing on the best things to do on your visit to Edinburgh. If this interests you, check out my post on Glasgow vs. Edinburgh, the best tourist attractions to visit in Edinburgh, and the best places to visit that are less well known.

Yeni Meze

I think about Yeni Meze pretty much every day...I love it. Emphasising Greek and Mediterranean food, this tapas restaurant allows you and your party to select from a variety of dishes to share together. There's a huge range of food on offer, meaning that pretty much every taste palette would be happy here. It's one of my favourite places to go on at the end of a warm summer's day. Alice's recommendation: The houmous of course! It's so good, especially with the pitta bread!


If you're seeking casual dining, look no further. This restaurant serves almost exclusively chicken wings, with the menu being mostly rubs and toppings. The restaurant itself has incredible theming, looking like an extreme comic book store. It's a small place, so I recommend booking in advance if it interests you. They also have a spicy challenge if you're up to the task! Alice's recommendation: I recommend getting two wings and then chips to share for the perfect portion size. I always get the Smoked Emperor sauce, and the Musta Been The Honey, although if you enjoy your spice you may want to go with something a bit more intense!

Photo Credit: Travel Inspires Edinburgh

Miller & Carter

Miller & Carter is known for its steak (it is a steakhouse after all). If you're looking for something a bit more posh without going to a Michelin star place, then I recommend giving this spot a go. While there are vegetarian options, this is really a meat-lover's paradise, so if you enjoy your steak, give this one a try! Alice's recommendation: Steak! What else?

Photo Credit: Feast Magazine


Moving on from one meat place to another. If Miller & Carter is a meat-eater's dream, then Fazenda is on another level! A South American restaurant, Fazenda operates differently to your typical restaurant. On one hand it's a buffet, with many sides and extras for you to enjoy at your own leisure. On the other hand, you are provided with a signal on each table that lets the wait staff know whether you would like to be served meat or not. If you signal yes, the waiters come around in intervals with sticks of different types of meat, supplying you with as much as you want. It's a unique experience, and the food is amazing. Alice's recommendation: Everything! This is the type of restaurant where you're going to want to try a bit of everything on offer.

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Indigo Yard

I would recommend Indigo Yard for those who want good food in a casual place. Half bar, half restaurant, this dining location is beautifully decorated. It's close to the city centre while being far enough removed that you feel like you're in an entirely different place. The menu is diverse and ever changing, meaning there's something for everyone here! Alice's recommendation: The fish and chips are to die for, although I've also heard wonderful things about the tacos.

Photo Credit: Itison

The Dome

The Dome is an incredibly famous dining spot in Edinburgh. Dominating the skyline of George Street with it's beautiful dome (go figure), there are many places to eat here. Personally I recommend a visit to the Georgian Tea Room for some afternoon tea. It's certainly not a cheap eat, and it's something you'll likely want to dress up a little for, it's an incredibly fun, relaxing experience. Alice's recommendation: Splash out and go for the full afternoon tea experience!

Photo Credit: What's On Edinburgh

And that's it for my list of the best places to eat in Edinburgh; I hope you enjoyed! If you've been to Edinburgh, let me know what your favourite place to eat is. If you haven't, where do you like to go to eat in your local city?

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