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Christmas Eve Boxes

A couple of years ago, Christmas Eve boxes came on the scene and were all the rage, especially for young children. Having some small gifts to enjoy on the day before to make the evening as nice as possible is such a great idea. As such, a couple of years ago I decided to start putting them together for my family, with more of a focus on what an adult would want on their Christmas Eve, rather than children! Therefore today I thought I'd share some of my ideas of what to put in your boxes; I hope you enjoy!


First things first, you need something to put the items in! I like to go for a more rustic feel, so I tend to use medium-sizes kraft boxes, but some gift bags would also work. I then fill them up with shredded paper (tissue paper is another option) just to make them look a bit more special, and to hide some of the contents inside. If you wanted to go all out, you could include some confetti/glitter on the inside, and a big bow on the top!


It wouldn't be a Christmas Eve box if there weren't a few necessities in there! I always include a new toothbrush and toothpaste in my boxes; it makes for a nice end to Christmas Eve when you've got a new toothpaste to go along with it! You may also want to go with tradition and put in an orange as well!

Mugs and Hot Chocolate

Could it really be Christmas Eve without a new mug and a nice drink to go with it? I like to include a Christmas-themed mug in my boxes, and inside a lovely drink. This might be hot chocolate, or some fancy coffee. If you're recipient doesn't like those drinks, then I recommend some high quality tea bags; anything cosy!


If you're able to splash out the cash a bit with these boxes, a pair of pyjamas is always a winner, especially if you can get matching sets for everyone! It never hurts to add in some slippers as well to make things super cosy. Last year I went for some novelty ones which certainly produced a laugh!

A Good Book

A book always goes down a storm, as it gives the recipient something to read when they go to bed that night. If they're not much of a reader, maybe a DVD or a video game would work well instead. If none of these float your boat, make things a bit special by putting in a gift card instead!

Bath Bomb

This is a must have in my Christmas Eve boxes. Bath bombs are often quite cheap as well, so they're a nice thing to add in. If you don't have a bath, or have someone who isn't keen on them, then a bottle of shower gel might work, or a shower bomb (yes, they're a thing)!

Face Masks

Give your recipient a relaxing spa evening by including a couple of face masks. There's so many to look out for, that there's bound to be something that would suit everyone's needs and interests!


Of course you have to include chocolate! People often get quite a lot of chocolate as a gift for Christmas, so I try and include something a bit different. For example, I sometimes use The Chocolate Smiths...they certainly have some strange flavours!

And that does it for my ideas; if you've made Christmas Eve boxes before I'd love to know what you put in them!

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