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Dealing With Travel Sickness

If you're like me, you have also been cursed with travel sickness. As someone who likes to travel, this isn't the ideal situation. It's no fun having to deal with hours of nausea in order to have an amazing experience. Unfortunately, unless you have medication, I don't have any miracle techniques to magically get rid of travel sickness, but I do have some tips and tricks that help me reduce the chances of getting nauseous when I travel, and ways to make me feel better if I do.

Please note that these tips are mostly for people who cannot read or watch anything or do any activities when they travel; we're the unlucky few who are committed to looking out the window the whole time! If you experience another form of travel sickness and would like some tips for that, please let me know, I'd be happy to put a post together!

Tip #1: Prepare your stomach in advance

Yes, it sound really gross, but what I mean here is think about what you are eating and drinking at least 24 hours before you travel. Travel sickness is a mind game to me at the end of the day, and if I enter a flight or a long train journey feeling really full, I'm already off to a bad start. Therefore I significantly reduce the amount I eat the day before, still to a healthy level mind you, but just so I don't feel bloated or overly full at any point in the day.

I then tend to skip breakfast the morning of my travels just to make sure there's no chance of feeling stuffed before I go on my flight. I also tend to stick to drinking water for the same reasons. When on the flight, I tend to eat my food slowly and with small bites, which gives my body the sustenance it needs, again without getting overly full.

Tip #2: Bring Water With You

I definitely recommend bringing a cold bottle of water with you on the flight. Sipping this will not only help keep any nausea at bay, but will also distract you and keep you busy. I'm not sure how scientific this is, but I've also heard that the cold can reduce feeling sick as well, so sipping cold water and getting some air conditioning on you should make you feel a lot better.

Tip #3: Bring Headphones

Since you likely can't read, do activities, or watch the TV screen, you'll need something to keep your mind occupied as you gaze out of the window at the clouds. Therefore I definitely recommend bringing some headphones that you can connect to your phone to listen to something. I highly recommend downloading some podcast episodes in advance. I always have enough episodes to get me through the entire flight if I so choose to do so. Of course there's always music as well!

Tip #4: Practice Mindfulness

Another thing you can do if you bring headphones, practicing mindfulness can really help appease any anxieties or nerves around travel sickness. It's actually incredibly peaceful flying in the air and listening to music and sounds designed to relax you. You do have to pay for them, but apps like Calm have dedicated mindfulness sessions for things like travel anxiety that may be useful.

Tip #5: Have A Nap

If it's something that helps, I definitely recommend trying to get a nap in during your travels. This may actually help reduce any nausea you are feeling, but it will also help kill some time during your flight. Personally I find that when I wake up from naps during flights/train journeys/car rides I actually feel worse, but for some I know it can make a big difference.

Tip #6: Get A Window Seat

Travel sickness is often caused by the sensation of moving without your eyes perceiving you to be moving. That's why looking down at a book, for example, can cause such intense negative feelings if you're moving in a car; your body knows you are moving, but your eyes aren't showing that. Therefore having a window seat can make a huge difference for some people, such as myself. If I'm on a long flight unfortunately I have to pay extra to ensure I get a window seat as it's vital for me. Being able to look out the window helps my nauseous feelings so much.

And that's it for my top tips when it comes to dealing with travel sickness; I hope you found some of these tips useful; let me know if any of them help! If you encounter similar issues when you travel, let me know what you find useful in the comments below or on social media:

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