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Full Flat Tour

Today concludes the 'I moved' series I've been doing over the past month or so on this blog. If you're new, I recently moved into a flat in Edinburgh. It was a really exciting experience, and I've had a great time sharing with you what each room looks like. I've covered every room, so please take a look back if you're interested in seeing what I've done with the place!

To end the series, I've decided to do a full flat tour, so you can get a sense of where everything is. I hope you enjoy (sorry that it's portrait; I'll need to remember to switch it round next time)!

And with that, we've finished our 'I moved' series. If you'd like to see more interior design content, please let me know. If this kind of stuff doesn't interest you, let me know as well; I'm always looking for feedback!

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