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Let's do something a bit different today! I realise I don't actually give much of myself away on this blog; apart from the fact that I like to travel and I like Disney World, we don't know much else! So today I thought I'd answer some random questions about me; I hope you enjoy!

1. Where were you born?

I was born in the middle of Edinburgh, which is the capital city of Scotland. Unfortunately the exact hospital I was born in doesn't exist anymore! Edinburgh is a beautiful city that's incredibly historic and has lots of spooky, scary history around it. Maybe that's why I like the paranormal and scary films so much!

2. What is your nationality?

As I was born in Edinburgh that makes my nationality Scottish. I also consider myself British as well. As my family is a mix of nationalities, I suppose I am also English, but I tend to just say Scottish or British when asked!

3. What is your birthday?

I was born on the 26th of June, which is actually a pretty cool day to have a birthday as it's almost exactly halfway through the year. This means I have 6 months until my birthday, and then 6 months until Christmas, I love it!

4. What is your favourite colour?

My favourite colour does tend to change a fair bit, but at the moment I like a sort of dusky pink colour. I tend to gravitate towards anything that colour for some reason! I also really like the combination of dusky pink, white, and copper/gold, which is the colour scheme of my room actually!

5. What is your favourite film?

This is a tough one. For nostalgic reasons, my favourite series is Harry Potter because of what it means to me and my childhood. However The Hunger Games: Catching Fire might be the film I enjoy the most; it's just so cool! The best film I've seen from a film making perspective is Coherence. It's so clever; I've watched it a million times and constantly notice new things. It's entirely improvised, so the actors had no idea what was about to happen in each scene!

6. What is your favourite TV show?

Again, this is difficult. Glee was the show I was obsessed with in High School, so although it definitely has a lot of flaws it will always hold a special place in my heart. Something like Community or Arrested Development is the best TV shows I've watched in regards to film making and how clever the plots are. Shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks and Recreation are my comfort shows. The TV show I enjoyed watching the most though was The Haunting of Hill House; it was mind blowing! So long story short, I don't know!

7. Who is your favourite celebrity?

The celebrities I like definitely come in and out of fashion; ask me tomorrow and I'll probably say a different person! Chris Colfer has always been someone I've really admired and I continue to follow their work as much as I can. In terms of mainstream celebrities though I'm a big fan of Little Mix and Ariana Grande. I'm not a big concert person but hopefully I'll be able to see them one day!

8. What is your favourite food?

My favourite singular food is a tie between salted popcorn, which I have been obsessed with ever since I was really young, and chips and curry sauce, which is a British staple and is my favourite thing ever. My favourite dinner is chicken tikka masala, especially with garlic naan...I'm obsessed!

9. What's your favourite place you've ever visited?

Are you even surprised by my answer? It's Walt Disney World in Florida, USA. I just had the best time visiting; all of the rides were so much fun, the hotel was amazing, the food was delicious, and I was just so happy the entire time I was there!

10. What's a place you really want to visit?

There's loads of places I would like to go to; basically everywhere! In regards to somewhere I would travel to, I've always wanted to go to Rome. It just seems like such a beautiful place with amazing food, what more could you want? In the UK, I've always wanted to stay at Lion Lodge; it looks so cool!

11. What did you study at university?

I did my undergraduate degree in Psychology with Management, which basically means it was a half psychology, half business degree. I really enjoyed it and it's come in really useful as it can be applied to lots of different jobs; good thinking Alice! I then did a Masters degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice because I was in the fortunate position that I could continue my studies, and I wanted to do something that I found really interesting, rather than thinking about employability. It was such a fun time; I loved studying for this degree!

12. What is your biggest strength and weakness?

My biggest strength would probably be my organisational skills; it's what I'm renowned for! I really enjoy tidying and organising and planning things (especially trips), so I've definitely honed my craft. My biggest weakness would maybe be my rigidity, which kind of ties in to my strength. I like sticking to a strict schedule and plan, and I have a hard time adapting if something goes wrong.

13. What is something you're really interested in?

I'm actually fascinated by history, specifically Tudor history. There was a time a while ago where I could tell you anything there was to know about this time period. Unfortunately I've forgotten a lot of it now, but I'm still super interested in it and hopefully I can carry on self-teaching this coming year!

14. Do you have any pets?

Unfortunately I'm not in a position to have pets at the moment. One day I hope to at least have a dog. I love Yorkshire Terriers and Daschunds, so I would maybe go for one of them!

15. What is your dream job?

Honestly, turning this blog into a full time job would be amazing. If I were able to spend full-time hours on this website I could implement so many business ideas; hopefully I'll be able to do so in the future. I would also love to own and manage holiday homes!

16. What is your biggest pet peeve?

It's definitely slow-ness in general, specifically slow walkers and slow drivers. I definitely live my life in the fast lane, so I find it very frustrating when others take things really slowly! I'm learning to be more patient though!

17. What do you like to do in your spare time?

When I'm not working or running this blog, I like to just browse social media and watch TV; definitely one of my favourite things! I also love going for walks in the woodlands near me, I find it very relaxing. I used to really enjoy taking part in amateur dramatics, but unfortunately I can't do that as much this year. I also used to go to Spanish classes, which hopefully I can continue in the future.

18. What is your favourite social media platform?

I really enjoy Instagram. It's a great way to keep up with what other people are doing, and I really enjoy putting pictures up on there and adding to my stories. That being said, my absolute favourite is probably Tik Tok; it's the app I spend the most time on. I don't contribute anything to it personally, but I can spend hours each day watching it!

19. What's your favourite YouTube channel?

I have so many YouTubers I like to watch. There's a lot of Disney ones like The Tim Tracker and All Ears and Adam Hattan. I also like movie critics and analysis, like Schaffrillas Productions and Dylan is in Trouble. I also watch travel YouTubers like Kara and Nate and Flying the Nest.

And that's it! Yes, it's annoying there's not 20 questions, but I couldn't think of any more. I hope you feel you've got to know me a bit better. I'd love to get to know you! Why not answer some of these questions in the comments below or on social media?

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Until next time,

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