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Getting the Perfect Rollercoaster Picture

There are lots of important things to plan and think about when you're planning a trip to a theme park; how to get there, what rides to go on, where to eat. However I don't think any of us could argue that the most important thing to consider is how to get that perfect rollercoaster picture!

Theme park aficionados will know that the best rides tend to have cameras situated at opportune moments to take a photo of you right when you're least expecting it. These photos can often become the best mementos of your trip, so it's important to get them right, so follow my tips and tricks to make the most of your speedy snaps!

Do your research

Oh yes, you may have better ways to spend your time, but it's always useful to do some research. Look up photos from that ride to see what kind of picture you're doing to get; what kind of photos have other people gotten on their visit? From there you can start to ruminate on what kind of picture you want to get.

Communicate with the group

If you're visiting a theme park with a group, take the time that you're waiting in the queue to think about what you're going to do. The perfect theme park picture comes from everyone being prepared and really going for it when that camera clicks!

Photo Credit: Guff

Bring Props

The rollercoaster pictures that really go viral are the ones with props! A board game, an umbrella, you name it, you can take a picture with it. You'll have to pick your rides carefully though, as some rides don't allow riders to bring any possessions on with you, so pick your ride carefully for this one!

Photo Credit: Guff

Repeat Rides

If you're really committed to the picture, be prepared to go on the ride multiple times. Use your first time around to figure out where the camera is, and then spend the next couple of goes taking different shots until you get the perfect one. Yes it's time consuming, but it's worth it in the end!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

And those are my tips and tricks for the perfect rollercoaster picture! Yes, I know this was a bit silly, but the idea came to me and I thought it would be a fun, light hearted post. Let me know your favourite rollercoaster for getting great pictures on!

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