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Home Decor Tips and Tricks

Today I thought I'd share some of my favourite tips and tricks when it comes to decorating a living space. This might be an entire house, a flat, or even just a bedroom. Doing these tips and tricks can guarantee a more interesting and decorative space for you and your guests to enjoy.

Use Bath Bombs Instead of Candles

While I think we all love a good candle, using bath bombs can be a unique and risk-free way of providing a wonderful smell in a home. For example, I have a shelf in my bathroom where I put unwrapped Lush bath bombs (as they have the nicest smell in my opinion) purely for decor. Sure I may use one every now and again, but they emit the loveliest smell sitting there, so I never need to use room spray or a candle as the aroma lasts for ages.

Shelves as Decor Space

If you have an empty wall space in your house, or you have a shelving unit that you don't know what to do with, get your shelves in order with some fantastic decorative items. I have shelves above my desk that serve absolutely no purpose; they're just there for decorative items to sit to provide a feeling in the room. I've gone for a mystical vibe with fairy lights and this transforms my entire space. The same goes for the space above my wardrobe, which I've turned into a Harry Potter-themed environment. It makes my room far more cosy and mystical.

Leaning Art

I'm a big fan of getting large art pieces and leaning them against the wall. Not only does this provide more freedom to layer pieces of art together, but it is also more unusual and interesting that hanging it on the wall. It can also help break up large pieces of furniture if they are lined up against one wall.

When in Doubt, Get a Plant

Not exactly a new idea, however plants can really brighten up a space. They add a nice pop of colour and create a more open, light atmosphere to a room. If you're not ready to commit to looking after real plants and flowers (like me), getting some fake ones can do the exact same thing!


When it comes to decorating a bedroom, the bedding, in my opinion, makes or breaks a room. You can have the nicest decor ever, but if the bedding doesn't go, or isn't made properly, then it can throw the whole room off. Consider the general colour scheme of your room, and get bedding that compliments it...it'll transform the entire room!

Books as Decor

Books can be fantastic decoration pieces in a home. I'm sure you've seen the bookcases where all the books are colour coded; they look fantastic and are a great staple piece in a home. Books can also be used as a way to break up space on a shelf or a windowsill, especially when they are displayed horizontally and landscape, providing a more interesting view than books simply lined up together.

And those are my quick tips for decorating a space; I hope you found them useful. I'd love to know what your number one tip is for interior decor!

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