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How to Entertain Yourself in Lockdown

Unfortunately we're still in lockdown, but that doesn't mean that you can't have a great time, considering the circumstances, in your own home! In today's post I've highlighted some fun ideas for things to do during lockdown, and the great thing is, you can do most of them by yourself or with your family/room mates! Even if you live on your own, a lot of these can be done using Zoom or similar apps.

1. Host a Games Night

This is a great way, not only to stay connected to your friends/family and have a fun time, but it keeps you busy planning it too! I hosted a games night for my family the other day and it took me a good week to get it all ready and organised, so I was really busy the entire time. Plus, my family had a great time with it!

Here are the activities I did for the games night:

The Newly Wed Game: each round focused on a different member of the family. Each contestant was asked a question about this individual, and if they got it right, they got a point.

Pictionary: a classic game that doesn't need an introduction!

Timeline: each contestant was shown three historical events and they had to guess which came first, second, and third. If they got them all right, they got a point.

In Other Words: A film title would appear on the screen, but only using its synonyms. The players then had to guess which film it was.

Celebrity Mashups: contestants were shown pictures of two celebrity faces morphed together, and they had to guess which two celebrities it was.

Quiz About Me: I was a bit selfish here and did a fun quiz about me!

Made-Up Facts: Contestants were shown a question with three possible answers. One of the answers is correct, and the other two are made up by the other contestants. They had to guess which was the real answer. If they got it wrong, the person who made up the answer they guessed gets the point.

2. Cook a Fancy Dinner

I've done this a couple of times during lockdown. It's great as it teaches you new skills, it fills a lot of your day, and you (hopefully) get a tasty dinner at the end of it! So far me and my family have made pizza from scratch, and next week I'll be cooking a Mexican feast for everyone. If you're already an accomplished cook, why not try a cuisine you've never ventured into before?

3. Create an Exercise Routine

This one seems obvious, but in my opinion it's the hardest one to do (I'm not one for exercise). But it's important for your mental and physical health to get out there and get an exercise routine going. It doesn't have to be too strenuous; even a 10 minute workout video or a relaxing walk can do wonders! Plus, there's always the potential added bonus that once things go back to normal you'll continue with your routine.

4. Set Daily Challenges

Why not try setting a daily challenge for yourself? Me, my Mum, and my Granny set each other a challenge every single day. Some examples include:

- Make something out of Origami

- Take a picture of yourself with something hiding in the background

- Make a beautiful-looking lunch

We then share our results with each other. It's a great way to stay in touch with people, and it keeps you busy thinking of, and doing, each challenge!

5. Plan a Holiday

If you're on this blog you probably enjoy travelling/going on holiday! While we don't know when we can travel freely again, it never hurts to start planning! I've really been enjoying looking up countries I hadn't considered visiting before, or I know very little about, and finding out more about what they have to offer. It's really broadened my knowledge and it's got my excited for travelling once I can.

6. Start a Hobby

This time couldn't be more perfect to start a hobby. I've started this blog for example! I've always wanted to start a blog, but I was always too nervous to start, and I hid it behind the excuse that I didn't have the time. Now I don't have that excuse to hide behind, so I took the leap, and I'm so glad I did! Take this opportunity to dive into that hobby you've always wanted to do; if not now, then when?!

7. Do Something Nice for Somebody Else

Take the time to do something nice for somebody else. This might be putting some flowers outside your house for people to look at as they walk past, it might be posting a nice message in your community's Facebook page, or it might be writing a card for someone in your household. A small act of kindness will make someone else feel good, but it will also make you feel good. My act of kindness doesn't really count as it was Mother's Day, so I had a reason to do it, but I made my mum avocado and salmon toast for breakfast as a surprise. Surprise breakfast always brightens people's day!

Hopefully you found these tips helpful. It's important to make the most out of lockdown, and for you that may be catching up on sleep and watching as much TV as possible, it just depends on who you are and what you need. If these tips are useful to you, please take them and use them! My question of the blog is: what is your best tip for keeping yourself entertained in lockdown?

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