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How to Pack for a Trip

Today I'll be going over some of my top tips for packing for a trip. these tricks are focused on longer vacations, but could easily be adapted to shorter holidays as well. Once again I'm not reinventing the wheel here; most of these are self-explanatory, but there may be one or two ideas in here that you haven't heard of before!

Make a list..and check it twice

It makes sense to start by making a list of everything you will need to pack. Then I recommend having someone look over the list so they can think of anything you might have missed. Then I recommend giving yourself a day or two before looking at the list again. This gives you a fresh perspective and might give you the chance to suddenly remember something you missed off before.

Pack without a suitcase

I highly recommend putting your suitcase on the ground, and then packing everything beside the suitcase. This allows you to move things around and play with space without committing to actually putting things in pockets and compartments. It provides you with the knowledge of what is going to fit and what isn't, and then you can make the necessary adaptions from there...then of course you will need to actually put everything in the suitcase!

Test the weight

Once you've put everything inside your luggage, test the weight. By this I mean you should weigh your suitcase to make sure it's within the weight limit, but also to make sure you can comfortably take it about with you. If you find you're getting close to the limit for your airline/transport provider, consider taking one or two things out. It's important to leave space for any souvenirs you may want to bring home with you.

Things to include

While I'm sure you know to remember your passport, ID, travel documents, etc. here are a few things that are important to remember to pack:

  • Chargers and plug adapters: Having the right electronic equipment on hand can make all the difference to the ease of your holiday. I think it's important to bring two chargers for your phone so you don't have to worry about one unexpectedly breaking. Remembering your plug adapters can also save the hassle of having to find a place to buy some. Finally, if you have the room it can be useful to bring an extension chord with you, as you can sometimes find yourself in a hotel room with a plug that's miles away from the bed!

  • An extra layer: Even in the hottest country, it never hurts to bring even a thin extra layer with you. If you don't end up using it then it doesn't matter; it's not like it takes up a lot of room in your luggage! But if the nights are colder than you expected it can be a godsend to have a cardigan to hand that you can just throw on.

  • A special outfit: Even if you're not planning on going anywhere fancy, it's always a good idea to have something a bit special on hand in case your plans change. And sometimes it can even be nice to dress up for no reason!

  • Entertainment: If you're going on a long flight, train, bus journey, etc. having something on hand to entertain you is incredibly useful. That could be some podcasts you've downloaded, a book, or a puzzle book, anything to get you through several hours of sitting in the same spot!

  • Toiletries: I tend to only pack the toiletries that you wouldn't want to re-buy, e.g. makeup. Anything else I buy as a travel size at the airport. This means I don't have to think about getting them through security, and I can just throw them away before coming back. I'll admit that this isn't the most eco-friendly option, but I'm working on it!

And those are my tips and tricks for packing for a long holiday. I'd love to know how you go about packing for a vacation:

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