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How to Remember Your Trip

So you had the trip of a lifetime...but now you're a year on and can't quite remember all those important details that made the holiday what it was. How annoying! It's so important to immortalise your trip in any way you can so that you have those all important memories to look back on. Therefore today I've listed some of my top tips and ideas for showcasing the best parts of your amazing vacation.

1. Social Media

It's obvious for a reason! Social media is great for showing other people your holiday in the here and now, but it's also great for looking back on your photos and the highlights of your trip.

Any photos you post on Instagram will stay for as long as you want them to, and you can save your Instagram Stories as highlights so you can remember all the small details. While I'm not sure how many people actively use Facebook any more, it's always nice to create a photo album. And of course, saving your pictures and videos on your phone and computer as well.

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2. Create a Photo Album

While you can obviously put together a photo album yourself, it can be nice to look for companies online that will create a professional-looking album. Send them your pictures, and they will print them onto glossy paper in a beautiful book that will last forever - no risk of the printed out pictures disintegrating or ripping. These books are a fantastic memento of your trip, and also make a great gift for someone you were travelling with.

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3. Create a Scrap Book

It seems like scrap booking is all the rage at the moment! Scrap booking is not only a fantastic way to display your printed pictures, but it also gives you the opportunity to be a bit more creative with it; hand write comments under each picture with how you were feeling in that moment, glue a train ticket next to a picture of the place you visited; this format allows you more freedom to display every part of your trip.

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4. Write a Diary

I love to write a diary once I am back from my trip. This one requires a bit more dedication, as I write a small bullet point summary of each day during my trip. I then make sure to buy a notebook on my travels that relates to that place. For example to immortalise my trip to Orlando I bought a Harry Potter notebook at Universal Studios. When I get home I then sit down and write down what I did each day and how I was feeling. This is a significantly more time consuming activity, but it's a lovely way to reflect and end your trip. You can add in aspects of the scrap booking as well, and it allows you to include more details for you to remember later.

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So those are my ideas for immortalising your trip. There are obviously many others, such as collecting souvenirs, so I would absolutely love to know what you do to commemorate your holidays!

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