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I Moved!

That's right, I moved! I've been quiet on my social media recently, as I'm sure you've noticed, and that's because I've been preparing and packing all of my stuff ready to head out into the world. It's never easy moving house, and there's always a couple of hassles, but I've made it, and I'm all settled in. So I really just wanted to keep you all in the loop about this life change.

Where am I moving to, I hear you ask? Excitingly, I'm moving back into the city of Edinburgh. I absolutely love Edinburgh; it's my favourite place on earth. Last time I lived in Edinburgh I had the best time and loved being out and about in the city. While I'm moving this time in very different circumstances (AKA lockdown), I'm still so excited to be surrounded by the best place!

So why did I move? Well honestly, I wanted to challenge myself a bit. If you saw my New Years Resolutions blog post, you'll know that trying new experiences was one of my goals for 2021. While this isn't a new experience for me, as I've lived in the city before, it's a sign of me changing things up and pushing myself a bit. My goal in this flat is to look after myself; take time to eat well, practice mindfulness, and overall feel healthier!

There are certainly aspects I'm nervous about. Particularly, moving during a lockdown. I currently live out of the city in a rural area, and it's much easier to experience life in a lockdown here when we have less people living around you, and lots of space to exercise in. In a city, there are more people (stating the obvious), and less green space to enjoy, so I suppose I do worry that I might feel a bit cooped up. That being said, I love walking around cities; I used to walk for hours when I last lived in the city, and I can't wait for that to be my form of exercise again!

What am I excited about? Well apart from everything I've already mentioned, I'm mostly excited to decorate! I love interior design. While I just tend to decorate based on things I like, I do enjoy having a colour scheme and seeing it all come together. Decorating is always a slow process, especially when I can't just nip to the shop and get something quickly, but I can't wait until the moment where I decide it's done and I can sit back and look at my work!

So rest assured, there will be plenty of blog posts coming up all about decorating my flat! I currently have five further blog posts planned over the coming weeks that will show you the finished product of each of my rooms; I hope you enjoy it! I can't wait to get started on this journey, and I can't wait to bring you all with me!

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