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I Moved (Again)!

Updated: Jul 23

That's right, I've moved again! If you've been following me for the past six months, you'll know that I recently moved into a flat in Edinburgh which I loved. But, after spending some fantastic months in that flat, I realised that my real goal was to one day own a house, so I've moved so I'm in a place where I can save up towards that goal...hopefully it will happen one day!

So today I thought I'd give a quick little tour of my new space to potentially give someone some design inspiration, but mostly so that if you see it in future posts you know where I am and what it is!

So let's start at the door! On the back I have a hanger to put my dressing gowns on (essential items if you live in Scotland). There's a bit of a blank wall behind the door, and I wasn't sure what to do with it since it will be covered by the door when it's open, but will look blank when it's closed. I decided to keep it simple and I put my clock on the wall, and leant my mirror against it.

Moving round, there's a weird ledge in this room that I wasn't sure what to do with. It's designed to be part of a built-in wardrobe which we opted against, so I've just put my basket with blankets and Mickey ears, a large plant, and my cactus neon light on it. I should say at this point that I've gone for a tropical theme for this room, hence all the plants you will see! Then there's my wardrobe with my Harry Potter collection up the top. I've also got an armchair in my room which is super exciting! It takes up a fair bit of the floor space, but I'm happy to make that sacrifice to have somewhere nice to sit.

Next to the window I have my double bed, and I've found some fairy lights around the top to give it a cosy glow. Of course, I have a gallery wall (I always have a gallery wall) above it. Then there's my bedside table that I've kept simple with my alarm clock and a lamp.

I'm so fortunate in this room to have two large windows, which makes it incredibly bright and airy, which is lovely. On the first windowsill I've just put some of my books and a big bunch of fake flowers.

The second windowsill has some more of my Harry Potter items, along with some more fake plants to really make the place feel like a jungle!

Moving round, I have my desk. I was originally going to have some hanging plants above it, hence the space, but unfortunately they won't work in this room, so I'm still waiting to find something to go here. In the mean time, I have my computer here as well as my stationery.

Finally, back next to the door, I have my TV that I brought from the flat. Above, I have a beautiful hanging decoration that I got from Etsy. Here I keep my candle collection and the stuff for my PlayStation. I also have a basket of snacks, because why not?!

And that's my new space! I'm obsessed with it; it's such a warm and cosy space while still being bright and airy. I hope you enjoyed this tour; if you want to know where anything is, please just let me know!

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