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Making The Most Of Being At Home

Here in Scotland, we're stuck in yet another lockdown, which means the only times we should be going outside are for exercise, to go to a supermarket, or to go to work. As such, we're all spending a lot of time indoors, and a lot of our original ideas for killing time were used up during the first lockdown! So today I thought I'd put out there some of my ideas for ways to spend time when you're stuck indoors without much to do, in case you need them just as much as I do!

Learn a new skill

A bit of a simple one, but it's something I've started to do and I really enjoy. I've never been much of a cook, in fact, I could burn water, so I've decided to try and learn some new recipes. They're nothing astonishing, but I've built up quite a good repertoire of dinners and snacks that I can make. This not only makes me feel accomplished and like I'm being productive with my time, but I also get some yummy food at the end of it! These skills will also come in useful in the future, so I highly recommend learning a similar skill.

Teach yourself something new

I know this sounds similar to the last point, but what I mean here is teaching yourself about a topic you know nothing about, or something you've always had an interest in. For example, I love history, but I've never taken the time to learn about the specific histories of different countries. So I've started with the history of Australia, and I'm just going to work my way around the world! Last year I took the time to memorise every country in the world, so I might try to re-learn that!


And I mean everything! Take the time to go through every cupboard, every wardrobe, every drawer, and think about whether you really need that item or not. Then put it all back in an organised fashion. It is amazing how much doing a task like this can clear your head and make your space feel decluttered, even if you didn't think it was in the first place!

Sort your finances

Similar to the last one, yes, but I've found it so useful to take the time to really sort all my finances. This has included making spreadsheets of how much money I will get in each month, and then how much I will spend. This allows me to save more money at the start of each month when I get paid, and allows me to see where I am spending money that could be saved. This has really helped me save more money each month for hopeful future travels!

Connect with new groups of people

This can be difficult, but I've really enjoyed the challenge. While I haven't met anyone new online to speak to face-to-face, I have made some fantastic keyboard connections. Joining Facebook groups like Girls Love Travel has been a great way to keep connected with other people around the world during this crazy time. I even participated in a postcard swap, where I gave out Edinburgh postcards, and received loads from different parts of the world, including Australia and America.

Plan Future Trips

It might not be as exciting as actually going on the trips, but sometimes half the fun is thinking about all the places you could go to, and eat at, and enjoy. During the last lockdown I planned a trip to every single European country! Will I end up doing them all? Probably not, but I loved sitting down and planning them, and it means that if I do go I have a trip all made up! It was also a great way to learn a bit more about each country, which was really fun.

And that's it for my ideas for spending time at home; let me know if you give any of them a try. I'd also love to know that you do to keep yourself busy during a lockdown; let me know in the comments below or on social media:

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Until next time,

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