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Monthly Favourites - July

We've made it to that time again; time for my monthly favourites! If you're new, this is a fairly new series I've been doing on GlobalSolo, in which I talk you through my favourite TV show, movie, item, and experience of the month, to hopefully inspire someone out there! I hope you enjoy July's edition!

TV Show: Love Island UK

I LOVE Love Island. To be clear, I've only ever watched the UK one, but from what I've heard it's the best one anyway, so it's definitely my top choice if you're looking to start this show. This programme is vapid, stupid, and totally fun to watch! It's on every night of the week, so it's a big time commitment, but the payoffs are so worth it; constant drama, betrayal, heartbreak; it's TV at its peak!

Movie: A Quiet Place Part 2

I was beyond impressed with this film! I knew it would be good, as I loved the first one, but this really blew me out of the water. It's incredibly scary and tense, moving, and overall just a great time at the cinema. If you're not sure whether to watch this film, I highly recommend it, and if you haven't seen the first A Quiet Place, then get on it now and watch it as it's a perfect film!

Experience: Harry Potter Fan Club

Okay, this one is a bit niche, and won't be for everyone, but I LOVE being a part of the Harry Potter Fan Club. It was formally called Wizarding World (which is a much better name, in my opinion). The club requires an annual fee in order to be a part of the club, and this gives you access to tonnes of Harry Potter content, free gifts, and access to giveaways and early access to events and activities. While it's not an app I use constantly, I love having it and I've managed to get a lot of fun merchandise either for free or at a discounted rate as a result!

Item: Adult Colouring Books

Recently I've been ill and therefore spending a lot of time in the house. As such, I've passed the time using adult colouring books, and I've been obsessed with them! They're relaxing and make the time pass so quickly. You feel like you've done something productive with your time, and it's honestly just good fun! I recommend Millie Marotta's books, I think they're fantastic.

And that does it for this month's Monthly Favourites! I hope you enjoyed and got some recommendations out of it. I'd love to know what your monthly favourites for each category would be this month - let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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