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Mother's Day 2021

Today I thought I'd go through how I spent Mother's Day 2021. In the UK, Mother's Day is celebrated in March, which this year meant we couldn't do much as we're still in lockdown. My original thoughts were that I would take my Mum out for afternoon tea at The Dome, which is one of our favourite things to do. As we couldn't do that, I decided to bring the afternoon tea to us!

I started off by buying the all important accessories, which included these adorable floral paper plates and matching napkins from Ginger Ray, which is my favourite place to buy party/gift accessories. I also went on Canva and made little menus for us as well, just to add something extra special to the experience.

For the food itself, I ordered the afternoon tea kit from Cutter and Squidge. I actually ordered two just to make sure we had enough food for three people...and we certainly did, so I wouldn't worry about that! Each pack came with two huge brownies, four scones with cream and jam, and two lemon slices. Skipping ahead, it was all absolutely delicious. We ate ours about two days after it was delivered to me, and even then it tasted so nice. I can't recommend the lemon cake enough, it was by far my favourite!

The pack also came with one pack of loose leaf tea, which was also delicious. We had two since I bought two packs and that was just about enough for three people, so if you have people who really like tea, you might want to also purchase some other packs as well.

To make the afternoon tea experience complete, I also ordered a sandwich platter from Sainsbury's. I was surprised to find out that they do to-order packages like this, so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm so glad I did, not only because they went down a storm, but also because they definitely added an extra something to the afternoon tea experience. It was a party platter, so it came with a lot of sandwiches, but they were eaten the next day too.

On the day we got the bus over to my parents house, and I set it all up. I was pretty chuffed with how it turned out actually. The paper plates were used for us to eat off of, and I put the napkins and the menu on the top. I also had these fluffy table decor things that I also got from Ginger Ray. Everything else was put out on the rest of the paper plates, and I also added some baguettes and orange juice to complete the look!

We really enjoyed the experience of sitting down and having our afternoon tea. For the rest of the day we just lazed around and enjoyed having a calm and casual Sunday. We then got Chinese takeaway for dinner, which is one of our favourites. Overall, it was a really lovely day, and I'm really happy with how it turned out! I'd love to know how you're celebrating Mothers' Day this year!

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