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My Attempt at Making Disney's Fried Pickles

Today's post is another in my series where I attempt to make different recipes that I've seen online. This year I've really been trying to increase my repertoire of recipes and improve my cooking skills...my success has been mixed, I would say! I've had some great luck making bruschetta and sesame chicken, for example. However other attempts, such as a roast dinner and today's fried pickles, didn't go so well!

I wanted to recreate the fried pickles you can find throughout the Disney Parks, especially as their recipe had just been put on the Disney Parks blog! However it did not end up going well; we didn't quite have all the ingredients available, nor did we have the right equipment, but we tried our best and still failed! I thought I would share the original recipe with you, as well as my attempt, so if you want to give it a go you won't end up making the same mistakes. It's a super fun recipe with lots of potential, so give it a go!

The first thing we did was create the zesty sauce that goes along with the pickles:


One and a half teaspoons of Siracha sauce
Eight tablespoons of ranch dressing
One and a half teaspoons of lime juice
Five tablespoons of mayonnaise
A pinch of salt and pepper

This ended up being incredibly simple. We combined all the ingredients together and refrigerated it while we made the pickles. we didn't have any Siracha sauce, so we used Tabasco instead, and it didn't end up being that spicy, so I would recommend sticking with Siracha. It also ended up tasting pretty bland; it would probably have tasted better if we'd just stuck with ranch dressing on its own to be honest!

From there we starting work on the pickles themselves:


Vegetable/sunflower oil
Eight tablespoons of plain flour
Three large eggs
Sixteen tablespoons of panko breadcrumbs
Twelve pickles
The original recipe also has cheese, but I don't eat cheese so I've left it out.

Again, this was really simple. We put the pickles into the flour, then into the whisked eggs, then into the breadcrumbs. Once they were all coated, we put them in hot oil for about 3-4 minutes, turning them often. Once they were golden brown we took them out and put them on some kitchen roll.

Overall I think we did this step correctly. The main problem was that we used golden breadcrumbs instead of Panko. Also our pickles were various different sizes and so they all cooked differently. In the future I would cut all the pickles to be the same size. They also cooked much quicker than we thought they would...meaning they ended up a little bit burnt (or crispy, as I like to say).

As you will see from the finished product, they were a bit darker than the Disney version tends to be, and were a bit uneven due to the pickles' sizes being so different. As I say, in the future I would make sure all pickles were uniform and change the breadcrumbs to the Panko mixture. In terms of a taste rating, I'd have to give them a 2/10...pretty low to be honest! I'm not sure I'd attempt them again, but I would certainly like to taste them in the Disney Parks to see what they're supposed to taste like when they have a professional at the helm!

And there we have it; good luck on your own culinary journey! If you attempt to make this, share your pictures, or if you have your own fried pickle recipe, feel free to put it in the comments! You can see more of my culinary journey on my social media:

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Until next time,

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