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My Bathroom and Hallway Makeover

Welcome to the first official post in the 'I moved' series! I'm currently still working on each room to make it as perfect as possible, but I've finished the hallway and the bathroom, so I figured we'd start with them! I know they're not the most glamorous rooms, but stick with me, because I'm really exciting about the kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

This is the hallway. I've kept it pretty simple. There's a lot of colour and decor throughout the flat, so I didn't want to overwhelm this small space. I'm obsessed with the floorboards and wall colour that you can see throughout the house. That door at the end there is a huge cupboard, but at the moment it's stuffed full of stuff, so I've decided not to show it. I'll sort it out one day! The mirror on the right hand side came with the flat, and it's great. The only downside is it's too high for me, but I like the look!

This is the other side of the corridor, with the front door at the top. Luckily for me, the hooks came with the flat too, so I just keep some of my bulkier coats and some handbags there. I then keep the two pairs of shoes I wear the most often at the door as well, but generally I try to keep it pretty uncluttered.

And now on to the bathroom! The whole flat has been recently renovated (which is part of what drew me to it), but the bathroom is probably the oldest part of the flat, so some of it's a bit dated, but it does the job!

Of course, we have the toilet at the end, as well as a towel rack. I've got these fantastic white towels; the large ones have blue tassels and the small ones have coloured tassels - they look great! I then took a cute basket and put all my bath bombs in it. I like to do this as they make the room smell fantastic and it makes for a nice decor piece!

This is the other side of the bathroom. It has a bath and shower, which is fantastic. I got a bath rack so I could store all my products neatly without this small space looking cluttered. I also hang my pink pom pom bath mat there as well.

And then tucked into the corner we have the sink! I've got a soap from Sophie Allport, and I keep my toothbrush and toothpaste in a standard IKEA toothbrush holder. There's also a built in mirror cabinet above the sink which isn't pictured. It's actually empty at the moment because I just don't have anything to put in it!

In the top drawer under the sink I have a cute little cup (I think it's from Anthropologie but I've had it for years). I just keep spare razors in there. I then have my body lotions, face wash, etc. On the left I have one toiletries bag for floss and teeth stuff, and the other has hair ties and bobbles. I got them from Skinny Dip.

In the bottom drawer, I just keep my first aid kit. I got the box itself from Lloyd Pharmacy. Inside I just keep some Strepsils, paracetamol, heat patches, and some plasters, just in case!

And that's my tour of my hallway and bathroom - I hope you enjoyed! Please stay tuned for the next couple of blog posts where I cover the other rooms of my new flat!

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