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My Bedroom Makeover

And so we continue with my 'I moved' series, and today we're moving on to the bedroom! This is my second favourite room of the entire flat (after the living room). It's so light and airy, and is a really fresh space to spend time in. It's the largest bedroom I've ever had by a long shot, so I've deliberately left lots of space in the room and on the walls to keep it feeling really open!

So let's start with what you see when you first walk in, which is the wardrobe on the right hand side. It's huge! This wardrobe could easily fit enough clothes for an entire family! As a result, I really only use the left hand side of it, and I've kept the right side for additional storage which is nice. It's got built in mirrors as well which is great as it keeps the room feeling big and spacious, and it means I didn't have to find room for any additional floor-length mirrors. There was also a little stool that came with the flat that I like so I've just put it near the wardrobe for when I put my shoes on.

Inside the wardrobe I hang up most of my clothes (obviously). I bought these grey baskets; in the left I keep my makeup and general products I use on my face each morning, and then in the right I keep my hair products. The drawers have general underwear, pyjamas, etc. Then it comes with this cool hanging rack for trousers that I don't use, but isn't it super cool? Finally, there's a built in jewellery drawer! Insane! I don't have a lot of accessories, but I've made full use of it! Finally, I've put shoes I don't wear as often at the bottom.

Next to the wardrobe is a matching chest of drawers. There was a mirror above it when I moved in, but it wasn't my cup of tea at all, so I've replaced it when this clean spherical mirror instead. In the drawers I keep my bottom halves and my jumpers (which I have a lot of). On top, I have my wax melt which throws a lovely scent for a room this big. I have my makeup mirror, and I have my perfumes and body sprays. I believe the tray they're on is from H&M Home. I also keep my IKEA washing up bag next to the drawers as well.

Next to the drawers is this bookshelf. This is what made me fall in love with this flat. These built in shelves are known as 'Edinburgh Bookshelves', as they're really common around here. I just think they're so beautiful, and I knew I wanted one in my own home. I don't have a lot of books, so I decided to make it more of a decorative space.

On the top I have a hanging plant that I got from IKEA, along with my Howler letter from Punnydukes. I have a set of Quidditch balls from Waterstones, and my Pygmy Puff from the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. On the shelf below I have Sirius Black's wand which is also from the tour, and my set of HP books. There's Luna Lovegood's glasses, and a knitted mandrake which I got from Etsy. I've wound some copper fairy lights around everything too.

Moving down, I have Hogwarts textbook notebooks from graphic designer Minalima. There's some potion bottles from Etsy, and a time turner keyring. I got the Quidditch World Cup banner from Punnydukes as well, which sits on top of the tins, which unfortunately I can't remember where they are from. Then I got a card from Anthropologie that I put in an IKEA frame.

Finally, I've got my Hunger Games books and my Twilight books. I got the deer as a Christmas gift one year, so I put it on top to remind me of my favourite time of the year. I have a snitch candle from Etsy, and a basket with my wax melts in them. Underneath the shelf is a bag from Biscuiteers where I keep my chargers.

I'm very lucky to have a big window looking out onto the street below in my room. Unfortunately I've had to draw the curtains for this picture for security reasons, but you'll have to trust me! I've put my IKEA desk in front of the window so I can look out as I work! I've got my computer on there, and underneath a little bin and a small space heater (it's such a large room that sometimes it can be difficult to heat)! I've got a desk light to make it cosy, and then a bunch of stationery on the other side. I can't for the life of me remember where those tins are from; I do apologise! The chair is from Next.

In the corner I just have a fake plant that I got from Amazon, in a basket that I also got from Amazon. This is purely just to add a bit of greenery to the room, but also to try and hide all the wires going to my computer!

Then finally there's my bed and the bedside tables! I've got these geometric lights that you can find all over the internet which add an interesting shape to the room. Above the bed are some travel posters which I think are so beautiful that were a gift. The bedding is from Urban Outfitters; they add a great pop of colour. I've got big fluffy pillows from Matalan, and this small Next cushion. On the bottom of the bed I keep a white blanket.

And that's my bedroom! I'm hoping to get some rugs put in there at some point, but for now I'm really happy with it. I absolutely love the space, and I feel so lucky to have such a large room to work with. I hope you enjoyed this tour! Coming up in the series we still have my bedroom tour, and then I'll be doing an overall tour of the flat as well!

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