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My Birthday 2021

I turned 26! And now I'm filled with existential crisis! All jokes aside, I had a lovely day celebrating my 26th birthday, so today I thought I'd share how I spent the day. I'm actually celebrating my birthday properly with a weekend away soon (I'll definitely be covering my trip here on GlobalSolo...so keep an eye out), so I had a low-key relaxing birthday on the day itself, which turned out to be really nice.

In true relaxing fashion, I started the day with a super relaxing bath. There's nothing nicer than waking up whenever you want and having a slow start to the day, so I just enjoyed my bath with one of my favourite Lush bath bombs!

I then put on my birthday gift of an HP dressing gown...I'm obsessed with it! We've had a lot of cold days here recently, so it was so nice to cosy up in this super thick, fluffy dressing gown!

I then came downstairs to see this beautiful display up for me - I love the colour scheme! It was so nice to come down to this lovely surprise!

And then the real party started! Despite only being around 9am, I got my salted popcorn out (one of my favourite foods) and watched the last two Avengers films. It was so nice to just spend the day lying on the sofa watching some of my favourite movies and just getting to properly relax!

So I wasn't just staring at a screen all day, I took a break and went for a walk. It was super drizzly on this day, so we just went for a walk around the local area, which again was nice and relaxing...the theme of the day!

I forgot to take a picture of my dinner (apologies), but we got dinner from the local fish and chip shop. I got my favourite; chips and curry sauce, and a chicken wrap. It was delicious. As if I wasn't full enough, we ended the day with some brownies and ice cream. I'm not really a cake person, so it was nice to have something a little bit different!

Finally, I ended the day watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban before heading off to bed, exhausted after an amazing day!

I had the best time celebrating my 26th birthday; it was exactly the kind of day I wanted! And the fun's not over yet; later this month I'll be heading on a fun holiday to celebrate even further. I can't wait to share my trip here, so keep an eye out for future blog posts to find out more!

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