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My Center Parcs Trip Day 1

Welcome to a new travel diary here on GlobalSolo! About a week ago I took a short weekend break to Center Parcs in the Lake District, England, to celebrate a couple of birthdays. I ended up having the best time, and I thought I'd share my experience here for anyone out there who is maybe interested in visiting, or is looking for some holiday inspiration! If you've never heard of Center Parcs before, check out this blog post to find out more.

As the Lake District is only about 2.5 hours away from Edinburgh by car, I had a late, relaxing start to the day, which included a very nice bath. I then got myself packed up, and off we went down to Whinfell Forest! The drive itself was okay; we did encounter a fair bit of traffic, but nothing too difficult. We have had the nicest weather this entire summer so far...but of course today was the day it had to starting chucking it down with rain! We still had a good time though, and before we knew it we had arrived!

We were able to arrive at Center Parcs from 1pm onwards, but you can't access your room until 4pm, and at this point it was POURING with rain...like, really raining! Ready to get soaked, we went on a walk around the property to explore. It's honestly the most beautiful place; you really feel like you're totally within nature. It's so quiet; you hear nothing but the rustling of the trees and the sound of birds. The park is located around a large lake, which looked even more amazing with the rain coming down on it!

Everywhere you go there's nature to be seen! Over the course of the entire holiday I saw three red squirrels, a hare, and lots of ducks! In our lodge we'd often have ducks come to the door and pecking on the window! It's a great place to come for nature lovers.

Finally, we explored the town centre (which luckily was indoors). This has a variety of gift shops/sweet shops, and a couple of restaurants as well. It's got a tropical theme which is really cool, as well as a river running through the middle of it!

Finally we were able to check out our room. Normally you book a lodge at Center Parcs, but this year we went for a Lakeside Apartment, which is like a self-catering hotel room. It was really nice, and I would definitely recommend it; we had a great time there!

Things are a bit different at Center Parcs at the moment; you have to pre-book every meal and activity and there's limited spaces for each. We didn't fancy fighting through the crowds on the first night, so we ordered from their Dining In menu. This worked super well, and the food was delivered to our room piping hot! The menu consists of Chinese food, and all of it was delicious!

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing in the room and watching the rain fall outside; it was so peaceful, and a wonderful end to our first day at Center Parcs! Stay tuned on Monday for the first proper day of the trip!

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