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My Center Parcs Trip Day 2

Welcome back to my Center Parcs trip! Today we're going over day two, or the first official day, of my holiday to the Lake District. I had the most fantastic time, and I'm looking forward to sharing the rest of my holiday with you.

Our first proper day had a bit of an unusual start. I ended up falling a bit unwell and spent most of the night awake. This is never fun, but we made the most of it, and ended up going for a walk around the lake at 4am. This might genuinely be my favourite part of the entire trip; the sun was just rising, the place was completely empty, and it was so beautiful! I highly recommend it, if only for the pictures!

The day properly started with my most favourite thing to do at Center Parcs...the spa! We booked a spa experience session at Aqua Sana, which means you get to use the pools and the experience rooms, which include saunas, showers, and water beds. We always have the most amazing time here, and you honestly feel so relaxed by the end of it! Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures as I didn't want to invade other people's privacy, so I've had to use one of Center Parcs' pictures from one of their other locations I'm afraid!

You can get afternoon tea after your spa session, but we didn't fancy acting posh with wet hair, so we headed back to the room to get ourselves sorted. We then put together our own afternoon tea from stuff we bought in the supermarket on site. It was so much fun, and super delicious; I definitely recommend giving this a go if you take a trip to the spa!

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and going for walks around the woods...it was so nice! To end the day, we went to the Lakeside Inn for dinner, which is the Center Parcs equivalent of a Gastropub. Frustratingly I forgot to take a picture, but we ended up getting fish and chips, onion rings, and a chicken burger. The food was nice, and the ambience was fantastic. If you're lucky you could get a table with a window right out onto the lake!

It was such a nice first day, and I felt totally relaxed the entire time; I even managed to fit in a nap! The combination of that, a morning at the spa, and good food, made it a fantastic day! Join me on Friday for days three and four of my Center Parcs trip!

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