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My Christmas Day 2020

Merry Christmas everyone, and happy holidays! If you're reading this post when it first comes out, it will be nearer New Year's Eve than Christmas, so I hope you also have a wonderful New Year when it comes. As a follow up piece to my Christmas Eve blog, I thought I'd go through how I spent my Christmas Day. Overall, it was a really relaxing chilled out kind of day, so I don't have a lot of photos to go along with it; apologies! But I hope you enjoy finding out what a traditional Scottish Christmas is like!

I began by having a lie-in. As everyone in my household is an adult we try and take advantage of the fact that we can start opening presents, etc. whenever we want, so I slept in until about 7.30am which was fantastic. From there I went downstairs and chilled out with everyone; I even worked on my jigsaw again for a little while. Overall it was a slow start to the morning.

From there I had a shower and got myself ready for the day. This didn't involve much, as I always stay in my pyjamas. I did wear my Ron Weasley Christmas jumper though, which made me feel extra festive. From there, it was finally time to open presents! I was incredibly fortunate with the gifts I received this year; I felt so lucky! I was also gifted a Playstation 5, but we haven't been able to get our hands on one yet.

We then went on a brisk Winter walk. We've had quite a warm Winter all things considered, but Christmas Day saw a sudden plummet in temperature, so our walk was quick to try and keep warm! Once back, we set the table for Christmas Dinner. We went for a purple and dark blue theme this year; I think it turned out great!

We then spent the majority of the afternoon playing games. This included classics like Old Maid and Happy Families, but we also played new ones like Coup and Exploding Kittens; it was a lot of fun! From there we did what everyone does on Christmas Day...watched films and lazed about!

Finally, it was time for dinner. I'm very lucky that I'm not in charge of the cooking in my house, so I just got to enjoy eating it! As with every year, it was absolutely delicious, and I was in a serious food coma at the end of it! Once dinner was done, we played a couple more games, including Monopoly, before calling it a night and going to bed...and now I'm writing this blog post!

And that's it for my Christmas Day! I would say it was a big success as it was very relaxing! I'd love to know what your traditions are. Let me know in the comments below or on social media:

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Until next time,

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