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My Christmas Tree Decorations

Today I thought I'd go through the Christmas decorations I will be using on my tree this year. In my family, we have our main tree that the whole family contributes to, but I also have my own tree that I decorate myself. I branched out (no pun intended) and bought a new tree with some new decorations this year, so I couldn't wait to bring them out of their boxes! I wasn't really trying to go with a theme this year, but now I have them all out, it turns out I definitely like my knitted decor!

Decoration #1: Three Llamas in a Row (Meri Meri)

These llamas are so cute! They're a little bit different to the usual Christmas decorations I see, so I knew I had to include them on my tree.

Decoration #2: A Very Festive Deer (Meri Meri)

I knew as soon as I saw this deer I knew that I would have to have it! The cute knitted deer, the little scarf, and the sparkly antlers were too much for me!

Decoration #3: Woodland Creatures (Meri Meri)

I like to have a couple of items on my tree that aren't completely Christmassy, and these woodland animals work perfectly! They still have the sparkles that make it feel festive, but also add something a bit different to the theme.

Decoration #4: Festive Brussel Sprouts (Talking Tables)

I've seen these little festive brussel sprouts in quite a few places, and I couldn't get them out of my head, so I went and picked up a few. They're just so cute, and they're great for filling up the small gaps on the tree.

Decoration #5: Green and Red Bows (H&M Home)

These were the first decorations I bought this year. They're classic, simple, and bring a super cosy vibe to the room!

Decoration #6: Ballet Sloth (Anthropologie)

This was another one where as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. I mean, who doesn't want a royal ballet sloth on their tree?

Decoration #7: Pom Pom Galore (Paperchase)

These are maybe my favourite tree decor I got this year (apart from one which you'll see later)! They're traditional with a modern twist, which pretty much sums me up!

Decoration #8: Christmas Scenes (Paperchase)

As you may have noted, I like decorations that are traditional but modern at the same time, however for these I wanted to go with a more traditional tone. These cute baubles show little Christmas scenes, and I love the art style!

Decoration #9: The Best Christmas Tree Decoration Ever (Paperchase)

I mean, what else is there to say? As soon as I saw this decoration I knew it was the one for me. Glittery fish and chips on my Christmas tree? Yes please!

I also have a couple of decorations that I've had for years that I kept to put on my new tree. Unfortunately I can't remember where they've come from, so I thought I'd put them in a little collage here!

And that does it for my Christmas tree decorations for this year. I'd love to see what your Christmas tree looks like; feel free to post a picture in the comments, or tag me on social media:

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