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My Disney Dining Experience: Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my Disney dining experience. If you've missed part one, feel free to check it out before continuing with this blog post. I've been going over everywhere I ate at when at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, and there were so many I couldn't fit them all in one blog post, so let's continue!

Magic Kingdom: Casey's Corner

For lunch at the Magic Kingdom we visited a classic; Casey's Corner. This quick service dining location is a staple of Disney parks around the world. Themed around baseball on the inside, Casey's serves classic hot dogs and sides, as well as a few unusual ones. It's the perfect place to pick up something quick and easy to eat in the middle of the day before running to more rides and shows!

The food itself here tasted delicious; classic, but delicious none the less. There's no surprises; as long as everyone in your group likes hot dogs, they will all be happy eating here. One thing to note is that it's very popular, so I do recommend ordering online through the app rather than waiting in the queue. It's also very hard to find a place to sit and eat your food, so I recommend having someone find a table and reserving it before going in to order; it just makes everything much easier!

Magic Kingdom: Skipper Canteen

For dinner on our Magic Kingdom day we took a break in the sit-down restaurant Skipper Canteen. Themed around the Jungle Cruise ride, the theming inside is Amazonian and super beautiful. The menu has an Asian and South American fusion to it, and has some really interesting flavours. If you're looking for food that's a little bit different to what you would normally expect in a theme park, I recommend a trip here.

I had the classic Tastes like Chicken, which was really nice; lots of different flavours and it was certainly something unique. The piece de resistance, however, had to be the banana brownie that I had for dessert; to this day it is still the best pudding I have ever had; I dream about it all the time!

Universal Studios: Mel's Drive-In

On our second and last trip to Universal Studios, we had lunch at Mel's Drive-In, a classic American diner. This spot was great for an afternoon pit-stop as it's located right in the middle of the action in the park, so we sat at the window and watched parades go by; it was a lovely way to have a break while still experiencing the theme park. Inside it looks like your classic 1950's diner which was really cool. The staff were also really friendly and helpful in answering any questions, creating a nice atmosphere inside.

The food isn't anything crazy; it's your classic burgers, chicken, chips, etc. However it did taste really nice. I went for chicken tenders, honey mustard dip, and chips, and I very much enjoyed it. As I say, there was nothing particularly remarkable about it, but I did really like it, and I would recommend it for somewhere to sit.

Universal Studios: Antojitos

Antojitos is maybe my second favourite place I ate at on this trip. A Mexican restaurant, the exterior gives you a hint of the fun and casual setting that occurs inside. It's a very large restaurant that sometimes has live music playing, so I could imagine that sometimes it can be very loud in there, but we were having an early dinner so it was very quiet and calm.

The food itself was delicious. I went for the chicken enchiladas which came with cilantro rice and refried beans; the entire combination was so fresh and tasty; I could have eaten it three times over! Be warned that you do receive some chips and dips complimentary before you order, so I wouldn't bother ordering more off the menu as you do get quite a lot of them! Overall I really enjoyed Antojitos and I would definitely return again if I got the chance.

Animal Kingdom: Sanaa

I've cheated a little bit here as Sanaa is actually in Animal Kingdom Lodge, rather than the Animal Kingdom theme park. However it's definitely worth the trip over to the nearby hotel just for this restaurant. Its food is centred around African and Indian cuisine, meaning the menu is really varied and interesting. Inside, the seating area is beautiful, with fantastic views out on to the Savannah; there's even the chance you might see some zebras and giraffes as you eat! For that reason alone it's worth the visit (although be warned that it is expensive).

The food itself is incredible. We started off with the world-famous bread service, which includes various types of naan breads and dips. I absolutely love flat breads such as naan, so I had the best time with this starter. It's worth coming here for this alone! From there we were pretty full, but we ploughed on to have our mains. I went for the butter chicken with the basmati rice which tasted incredible, although the bread service certainly does fill you up! Overall this was my favourite dining experience throughout the whole trip, so I highly recommend it.

And that is finally it for my dining experiences; if you're planning a trip yourself I hope you found these useful. Let me know where you're most excited about visiting on your next holiday!

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