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My Disney World Dining Experiences

I'm sure like many people, I'm certainly missing some of my favourite places to travel to. One of which is Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I've been reminiscing about my favourite things to see and do there, so today I thought I'd go through the places I ate at in the theme parks, in the hopes that it might inspire someone out there who is planning an Orlando-based vacation.

Epcot: Spice Road Table

We ate at Spice Road Table in the Moroccan Pavilion of Epcot on our first day. We weren't expecting to have a sit-down table service lunch, however it was an incredibly hot and crowded day, and we wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of it all. This restaurant sits beside the water under a canopy with large fans blowing lovely cold air at you. The ambience of the place was fantastic, with the calm of the lake on one side of us, and the hustle and bustle of the World Showcase on the other.

The experience with the wait staff was fine, but nothing to write home about. The food, however, was fantastic! We could have eaten our weight in the stuff, but we didn't want to fill up too much before going on rides! We decided to share a side of hummus and pitta along with our main course of the Mediterranean vegetable platter...this turned out to be a huge mistake as it turns out you get quite a lot of hummus and pitta with that already; we certainly ended up eating a lot of chickpeas! There wasn't anything we got that we didn't like; it was all amazing. Moroccan food is also great for lunch as it's quite light and fresh, so I highly recommend this as a lunch time venture.

Epcot: Via Napoli

For dinner we decided to head over to the Italy Pavilion, and I was not disappointed! I knew it was going to be a winner because I love Italian cuisine anyway, but I was blown away by Via Napoli. The interior is absolutely beautiful; it truly looks like an authentic Italian restaurant; you completely forget that you're sitting in Florida! The pizza ovens are so cool to look at, and the general ambience was lovely. We were put at a table in the corner by the window looking out onto some statues which definitely added to the atmosphere. My only negative would be that, as the restaurant is in one room and very large, it's incredibly noisy in there, especially with so many children, but it certainly didn't ruin the atmosphere.

Our waiter was incredibly friendly and helpful, especially as it was our first time using the dining plan so we weren't too sure how it all worked. The food itself was so good. We decided to share a pizza and a pasta. I'm pretty basic when it comes to pizza, so we went for a classic margarita which was delicious. Regrettably I can't remember what kind of pasta we got, but it was in a tomato sauce and was perhaps, to this day, the best pasta dish I think I've ever had! I would definitely come back to Via Napoli in a heart beat.

Universal Studios: Leaky Cauldron

On our first day to Universal we spent most of our time in the Harry Potter areas. For lunch, we decided to take a break at the Leaky Cauldron. The theming was nothing short of spectacular; you really felt like you were in the films (although I wouldn't have expected anything less). The system inside left a bit to be desired; you do queue for quite a long time without a guarantee of a table, but luckily we were seated at a nice table in the main dining area.

Our food was brought out to us really quickly, and it was fantastic. Now, I think I'm in a good place to judge fish and chips being British myself, and this was super authentic and really delicious. The portion size was incredibly generous and everything from the fish to the peas was well done. It even came with tartare sauce which I appreciated as well. Overall, it's not going to be the most exciting dining experience you'll have on your holiday, but the theming was great and the food was five stars.

Disney Springs: Chicken Guy

On our shopping day at Disney Springs, we stopped off at Chicken Guy for a quick and casual lunch. This quick service dining location has many different forms of chicken with sides like chips. However it's main menu consists of the many different sauces you can choose to accompany your chicken; this is my dream!

Unfortunately my experience here wasn't that great; the staff were generally quite unhelpful and the system with the pagers to let you know when your food is ready is pretty faulty. However once we got our food we really enjoyed it. I got the chicken tenders with Chicken Guy fries, both of which were really nice. For dips, I went for honey mustard and ranch, both of which were also amazing. Overall if you're looking for something casual and easy, then I would recommend the visit.

Hollywood Studios: Sci-Fi Dine-In

If you're looking for a true dining experience then I cannot recommend Sci-Fi Dine-In enough. Set in an outdoor movie theatre (but it's actually indoors) your group is put in a car with a dining table in it facing a very large cinema screen showing a series of classic film clips. While it is pretty dark in there (it can be a bit difficult to see what you're eating!), the ambience is unlike anything else, and we had the best time there.

For dinner, I had chicken salad which tasted delicious (although be warned, it's pretty spicy)! The food itself was really nice, but it definitely wasn't anything to write home about. We really just enjoyed sitting there and enjoying the atmosphere and the super cool environment we found ourselves in.

And that's it for my dining reviews...or is it? I've actually only covered around half of the places we ate on our most recent trip in 2019, so next week I'll be going through our other dining experiences. So if you're interested be sure to keep a look out! If you've taken a trip to a Disney park, I'd love to know what your favourite place to eat is!

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