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My Drive-In Movie Experience

On Saturday the 29th of August I finally got to tick off one of my ultimate bucket list experiences. It has always been a dream of mine to visit a drive-in movie. Having seen them in films and TV shows, they always seemed so cool!

You might struggle to find a drive-in movie opportunity in Scotland. This is firstly because it's often far too cold, but also because Scottish weather can be so unpredictable that it's considered not worth the risk. However, due to the lockdown situation and many cinemas being closed, companies such as the Edinburgh International Film Festival have taken the plunge and put them on.

The drive-in I experienced is situated in a backlot of Edinburgh Airport; while the roads around the airport can be a little difficult to navigate for a non-local, the drive-in area was incredibly well sign posted, and we had no problem making our way there. All we had to do upon arrival was show our electronic ticket, and then we were directed to our parking spot.

All the cars were two metres apart from each other, meaning you completely forgot there were other people there. We arrived about ten minutes before the advertised arrival time, and ended up in the front row with an incredible view; it's definitely worth turning up early for a view that isn't slightly obscured by the cars in front of you.

On the day we arrived there were multiple showings throughout the day, including films like Mamma Mia and Mary Poppins. As we were attending the 10pm showing, we were watching Alien...how spooky!

The film started at 10pm, but when we arrived we had about an hour to spare, but we were kept entertained by the quiz taking place for all attendees (we came 10th...not bad)! We could listen to the a quiz and movie audio by tuning the radio into a certain station; super quick and easy.

There were plenty of food options for attendees, including a classic burger van which involved ordering the food on an app and then they would bring it to your car. There was also a fish and chip van and an ice cream van that you could go up to and order from. Beside them were port-a-cabin bathrooms as well. While these options were tempting, we decided to bring our own snacks, which we got from Pleased To Sweet You.

In terms of weather, we got really lucky; it was a clear night with no rain whatsoever! Attending at night is definitely recommended by me; I can imagine there might be less of an atmosphere during the day when it is light. While it was a little cold, we brought blankets, which I would more than suggest; it made the entire experience warmer and more special!

Overall, I loved the experience. It was so much fun to be watching a movie on the big screen again. It was so cool to be able to watch a film and choose the volume, and be able to relax in your pyjamas with your own snacks and a blanket. We were also able to talk throughout the film at any volume we liked; it was amazing!

If you've never experienced a drive-in movie before, and you get the opportunity to do so, I cannot recommend it enough. It was such a unique experience, and was a great way to kick off my autumn; I would definitely give it a go again if I got the chance! My question of the blog is; have you ever been to a drive-in movie, and if so, what film(s) did you see?

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