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My Favourite Decorating Tips

Throughout my time writing on this blog, I've done a fair few interior design posts, sharing my own rooms and places I have lived. I have always enjoyed interior design, ranging from building houses on The Sims, to watching experts on YouTube. So today, I thought I'd share some of my own decorating tips, and hopefully someone out there will find it useful! Bear in mind these are all small ideas I have that I've either come up with myself, or been inspired by other people; they're nothing massive, but I think they can make a big difference!

1. Have multiple light sources

This tip is mostly for those who live in places that have dark evenings. Here in Scotland, it's pretty much always dark in the Autumn and the Winter, and there's nothing worse that sitting with the big overhead light on when you're wanting a cosy atmosphere. In every room I always try to have several different light sources, then you can turn them on and off in different combinations to get the ambience that you're looking for. This can include fairy lights, standing lights, table lamps, and funny little battery operated ones!

2. Use homemade items as decorations

Everyone expects people to have books and plants as decoration pieces on bookshelves, etc. and it's understandable, they always look nice! But I think it's important to mix up your decorative pieces with items that are unexpected, such as homemade pieces! Try your hard at a craft tutorial on YouTube. Even if it doesn't go well, it'll make for a good conversation piece sitting on your table! Even something like a small Lego figure you've made can mix up a decorative unit.

3. Have a motif

Whether you're decorating a room or an entire house, it always looks nice to have a subtle motif throughout the space. This means that even if you're using different themes and aesthetics, they always blend together and seem cohesive, and this can be subtle. For example, throughout my living room I have pom poms. You might not even notice them when you first come in, but the longer you look, the more you notice!

4. Use gallery walls for large spaces

If you have a very large room that you want to make feel more cosy, or a large, blank wall that you aren't sure what to do with, I recommend a gallery wall. Not only are they super trendy at the moment, but they look amazing! You can make them look sleek and put together by keeping them equal distance apart and using the same frames, or you can make them look a bit more homemade with mismatched frames and random placement. I highly recommend!

5. Rugs are your friend

This is another good tip for if you're trying to make a large room feel a bit smaller. Rugs draw the attention to a certain point in a room, and make the entire space feel cosier. I say, the more rugs the better! You can also work with layering rugs on top of each other to give the room a more interesting, dynamic look.

6. Don't be afraid to use small pictures

While gallery walls are great if you want to make a large space feel smaller, don't be afraid to use smaller wall decor items on a large wall. This will open up the space and make it feel larger. It can be tempting to go for some huge piece of art when you've got a large space to fill, but keeping it simple and using something small can actually make more of an impact.

7. Use greeting cards as decor

This is my favourite tip at the moment. I love to take any greeting cards I receive and either keep them out as decorating pieces, or frame them and put them on shelves. Not only is this a nice way to keep a memory, but it also makes a space look a bit more interesting, just like the homemade items! Again, they make for a good conversation piece if you have someone over!

And that does it for my own decorating tips. I hope you found it useful; let me know if you use any of these tips! What's your top tip for making a room feel like your own?

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