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My Favourite Films

Since my last blog post went over some of my TV show recommendations, I figured I would go over some of my favourite movies as well! Once again I've categorised them so you can pick out what appeals to you; let me know what you think of them!

A movie that makes you think

Coherence is my number one favourite movie of all time. It's so incredibly smart and requires multiple re-watches to even understand half of it! What makes it even more amazing is that the entire film is improvised, so the actors didn't know what was coming! I recommend going into it not knowing anything, so I won't spoil it here, but definitely give it a watch!

A feel good movie

You may laugh, but there's no feel good movie like the Lizzie McGuire Movie. Not only does it hold a ton of nostalgia, but it's legitimately a great film with some real bangers in it! If you're into your early 2000s aesthetic, give it a watch!

A spooky movie

I truly believe the best scary movie ever is Cabin in the Woods. A satire on the genre that came before it, this film is fantastic. It's so smart, so scary, and incredibly funny all at the same time, and I truly think the genre hasn't been the same since.

A fast-paced action movie

The entire Hunger Games franchise is incredible, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who didn't agree that Catching Fire is the best one. It's so smart, incredibly well acted, well written, and it keeps you in suspense the entire time.

A movie for a cosy evening

Nothing says cosy to me like the first couple of Harry Potter films, especially Prisoner of Azkaban. It's dark colour scheme and Autumnal aesthetic makes it the perfect film to cosy up to on a rainy day!

And those are my movie recommendations. I tried to include a pretty wide range of films so hopefully there's something for everyone here! Let me know what your favourite films are:

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