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My Favourite Travel Communities

Last week I talked about some of my favourite travel documentaries, films, and YouTube channels. Today, I'm talking about some of my favourite online travel communities. These are some of my favourite places to spend time in to get travel advice, inspiration, and to meet like-minded people. There are so many communities out there for every type of traveller, so I'd love to know which are your favourites, but for now, here are mine!

Lonely Planet's Thorntree

Most travellers out there will know about Lonely Planet. It's one of the best ways to get information on where to travel and when. Thorntree is Lonely Planet's travel community forum. It's a great way to get top tips if you already know where you want to go, or you want inspiration for your next adventure. It's a great practical resource.

Disneyland Paris for Brits

If you're new to this blog, it's important that you know that I'm a huge Disney Parks fan. I talk about them a lot. So it can't be a big surprise that I'm a part of a fair few Disneyland/World forums. Disneyland Paris for Brits, as an example, is a great resource for those planning their Disney holiday. Many people don't realise how much planning is required, so these forums are a fantastic help.


Travelettes is a fantastic Facebook group for women who enjoy exploring the world. Here they share their own holiday experiences, ask questions, and share tips and tricks that they have picked up along the way. It's a really friendly, open space where every member is appreciated. I highly recommend it if you have many questions you would like answered.

Girls Love Travel

Similar to Travelettes, Girls Love Travel is a supportive space for female travellers. There are tons of great tips and advice put on the page every day. Again, I recommend joining the group if you like to share your own travel experiences, and want quality advice and support on your adventures.

And those are my favourite travel communities; I hope to see some of you there! I'd love to hear about some of the forums and groups that you are a part of, as I'm always looking for new communities to join!

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