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My Harry Potter Collection

Today I thought I'd do something a little bit different and show what I have in my Harry Potter collection. As I'm sure you're all aware by now, I love Harry Potter, and therefore I have a fair bit of merchandise in my collection. I know there are a lot of other Potter-Heads out there, so I decided to show you the merchandise I have and where I got it from in case you'd like to pick it up yourself!

We have to, of course, begin with the books! On display in my room I have the new children's versions because I think their covers and spines are absolutely beautiful, however I also have the original UK versions in storage.

In no particular order, next we have my box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. I got them at the gift shop at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London (that shop is far and away the best HP merchandise shop by the way).

I also have this super cute bookmark which I got from Punnydukes; it was actually a freebie with my purchase which was super cool!

Also from Punnydukes I have a Howler. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to have one; it's so cool!

I love these Spectrespecs; they're so pretty! I purchased these from the Platform 9/34 online shop, which has some amazing items.

This mandrake is definitely the most unique item that I have. I got it from Etsy from Mandragora Creations; they do lots of different colour combinations, but I went for the classic!

Because I'm a Wizarding World Gold member, I got this super cool pin for free. You can take it off of the Snitch paper design, however I think it looks best on the backing!

Also because I am a Wizarding World Gold member I got a free copy of JK Rowling's original design of Hogwarts. It's incredibly detailed and super fun to look at!

Again, from Punnydukes, I got the two potions below. Of course I had to go for Dittany and Devil's Snare...I've obviously got a thing for green!

Yes, this is also from Punnydukes (this is not sponsored, I swear)! I love this Quidditch flag; it's a piece of Harry Potter merchandise but it's subtle, which I think is a hard line to draw.

From the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London I purchased my very own pigmypuff! I don't yet have a name for him...any suggestions?

This is such a cool item! I have my very own Quidditch set. This includes a box, a Snitch (not useable), two bludgers, and of course a quaffle!

My Hogwarts Express train ticket is also from the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London, but it's not from the main gift shop. This is actually from the Platform 9/34 shop that's about halfway through the tour.

I have six textbooks in my collection. They're actually hardcover notebooks with textbook covers, but I like to present them as school textbooks! They're from MinaLima which is the company that designed a lot of the graphic design for the Harry Potter moves. They sell tons of amazing stuff!

I have two time turners in my collection. The first is a large keyring, and the second is a smaller necklace. The keyring is also from the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London's gift shop, and the necklace is from the Platform 9/34 online shop.

And we have my Golden Snitch candle! This smells incredible and is a lovely edition to my collection. I purchased this on Etsy from Ruthless Heroines.

And I end with, what else, but my Slytherin jumper? I of course had to include this here as I am a true Slytherin and needed to represent my House! What Hogwarts House are you? I got this from the actual Platform 9/34 shop at King's Cross station.

And that's my entire collection; I hope you enjoyed this post. I'd love to know how many Harry Potter items you have!

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