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My Kitchen Makeover

If you're confused, this post is part of my 'I moved' series! Today I'm going to be showing you my kitchen, which I've finally got exactly how I want it! The kitchen was actually the first thing I started working on because I was so excited about it. I feel very lucky to have this room in my flat. Not only is it much larger than your typical Edinburgh kitchen, but it's also super modern, with beautiful white subway tiles (they're my favourite thing ever). As you'll see, I haven't made many changes because I like it the way it is so much, but I've added my own personal touch here and there!

This is how my kitchen looked before I moved in.

Starting at the fridge, I just wanted to add a little bit of colour into the room, since it is so white. I've got an adorable Orla Keily tray on the backsplash, my knives, and an Anthropologie tea towel hanging over the oven.

The fridge and freezer are pretty spacey, which is fantastic but looks a bit silly when you don't have a huge amount of food! For now, I've just got the important things, including pizzas, curries, and guacamole! There's also a pretty spacious vegetable tray which is fantastic as I do eat a lot of fruit and veg throughout the day in between all the unhealthy snacks!

The next cupboard along is what I'm calling 'the carb cupboard', or 'the cupboard of dreams'. This is where I keep potatoes, pasta, and rice. I can't remember the specific place I got the white bucket from, but I know you can find lots of things like it on Amazon if you're looking for something like it.

This is a bit of a strange one. I knew I wanted a kettle and a toaster because they're both useful products, but I rarely use them. I have toast every couple of months, and I only have a kettle so I can serve tea and coffee if I have someone over. So I just keep them in this cupboard so they are out of the way.

The cupboard next door again just has stuff for if I have a guest over. This includes teas and coffees. I also have the ingredients to make my oat cookies that I have for breakfast most mornings; rolled oats and raisins. If you're interested in the jars with the blackboard stickers, I got them here.

This is what I like to call my subsidiary pantry. Here I store my plastic bags that I use whenever I go shopping. I also keep cooking essentials in here, like different kinds of oil and vinegar, as well as tomato sauce and BBQ sauce. I also keep my gravy granules here as well. On the bottom, there's some diluting juice and crisps.

Beside that cupboard is my chest of drawers. In the bottom drawer I keep all the boring stuff that you don't want to see. This includes tin foil, baking parchment, and cling film. It also includes bin bags, washing capsules, sandwich bags, and cleaning supplies.

The next drawer is where I keep my oven trays, and I keep a supply of disposable face masks in here as well since there was space for them.

The next drawer up is my tea towels. All of mine are either from Anthropologie or Sara Miller. I also have some napkins in the back as well.

The final drawer is my cutlery. There's not much to say here, it's never very interesting! The cutlery itself is from IKEA. The rose gold utensils are from Amazon.

We're now moving on to the other side of the kitchen. I've added a microwave, some more utensils like a ladel, and a fruit bowl as well. I'm fortunate to have a washer in the kitchen too. I've also got a small notepad which has my dinner plans for the week to keep me on track; it's really useful!

This is the main "pantry". Here I keep canned products, like soup, chopped tomatoes, and kidney beans. On top I have my herbs and spices, and then further up I have oatcakes and some snacks.

I then have my cupboard for drinkware (is that a word?). On top I have some wine glasses (I don't drink, but I like to have them as extra glasses). They're from IKEA. Underneath I have my day-to-day cups. They're from Urban Outfitters, but they don't seem to have them anymore. Underneath I have some small mugs and large mugs.

On top of the next cupboard I have my lunchboxes, and then underneath some tubs for sauces and leftovers, etc. On the left there are my side plates, which I got from Anthropologie. Then I have some small bowls from Next, and some soup bowls. Unfortunately I can't for the life of me remember where they are from! finally, I have pasta bowls, which are also from Next.

The last cupboard just has all the boring things in, like pots and pans, that I think I got from Amazon. I've also got my cleaning products and kitchen roll, and my big plates, because they wouldn't fit anywhere else!

Finally, there's my sink area. I love that the sink is black, I think it's so cool! I've got this Millenial pink basin that I got from Asda. Then I have hand soap from Sophie Allport. I also have these adorable salt and pepper shakers, which annoyingly I can't remember where they're from!

And that does it for the tour of my kitchen; I'm so happy with it! I hope you enjoyed and maybe got some inspiration for yourself!

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