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My Living Room Makeover

Today, as part of the 'I moved' series we're doing on this blog, we're coveri the final room of the flat (and my favourite one)...the living room! I'm so happy with how this room has turned out; it's such a cosy place to chill out in, so I'm really excited to share it. Feel free to check out the other rooms that I've covered over the past few weeks.

So let's start with the sofa area. This large mirror on the wall actually came with the flat, and I really like it. The room isn't huge, so it makes it seem a lot bigger. I wouldn't normally have gone with this wood colour, but it makes the room feel warm which is great. The sofa also came with the flat. I like the grey colour, and it's really comfy! I've accessorised it with some fluffy cushions from Matalan, and some bee cushions.

In the corner is a super cute seating area; everything you see came with the flat apart from the fake plants that I got from Amazon. There's a floor length lamp, along with a super comfy chair that I've thrown a cushion and a blanket on. It's next to two side tables that are really useful when you're reading by the window! Speaking of the window, the flat came with some mustard yellow curtains that I'm obsessed with.

In front of the sofa is the coffee table, that I got from IKEA. On top I have a couple of coffee table books, including:

National Geographic's Destinations of a Lifetime

The Art of Harry Potter

Exploring Hogwarts

I've then popped a Sophie Allport candle on the top. The rug underneath came with the flat and is super fluffy!

On the TV stand I have a TV (if you can believe it)! Beside it I have some new home cards and a candle is on the go most of the time. Underneath, I keep a coffee table book about cabins, the remote control, and some jars. On the other side I keep matches and tealights. Above the TV is a shelf that I wasn't sure what to do with. Currently I have some fairy lights and a pom pom garland. I also got some postcards that are Hogwarts textbooks that I just put in a frame and leant against the wall.

Finally, I have this display case. Above it I have hung this picture that I got from IKEA. I also have some flowers that were a gift, and two candlesticks. I also have a figure that I think is so cool! Underneath I keep my candle collection, some fairy lights in a jar, and a small clock with some super cute egg cups. Underneath I have some blank cards that I put in frames from IKEA, as well as my Lego Knight Bus. Finally, I have Edinburgh Monopoly, some Uno cards, and some playing cards - I love game nights!

And that does it for my living room. It's become my favourite place to sit and write blog posts in, so I wanted to keep it as cosy as possible! If you have any recommendations for decor, please let me know!

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