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My Perfect Movie Night At Home

Oh yes, we're in yet another full lockdown here in Scotland. No shops are open apart from supermarkets, we can only meet one person outside, and we should only be going to work if we absolutely have to...what a fun way to start 2021! I decided I wasn't going to get down about it though, and I'm going to make the most of this time and try and have as much fun as possible. So the other night I put together the perfect movie night at home for everyone; I planned it for ages and we ended up having the best time, so I thought I'd share all the details so you can copy it too if you want to...enjoy!

So we actually did something new and ordered a food pack from Plateaway (no affiliation). This is one of many companies that have popped up that deliver food packs from legitimate restaurants to your door. This means you can make restaurant food at home. It's not cheap, but it's a super fun, unique idea, and makes for a cool activity to do, rather than just eating dinner. We ended up getting tacos and nachos, and they were great! We got so much food, and it was all delicious; such a nice way to start our evening!

From there, it was time to watch the film. We got our living room all cosy with fairy lights on; a great way to create a fun atmosphere. We picked our film, which was The Disaster Artist. I'd seen this film already (I actually watched it in Belfast funnily enough), and I love it. I've always been a huge fan of The Room, so this film is a dream for me! It's a great film to put on if you're looking for a good laugh.

Just for a bit of fun and to add to the cinema vibe, I handed out cinema tickets that everyone had to show before watching the film. Everyone found it super funny and it was a nice little detail; I definitely recommend this if you're looking at putting on your own movie night.

The piece de resistance was the snacks I put together for us to enjoy while we watched the film. I didn't want to make it too heavy since we'd had a big dinner, so we started off with these cute little bottles that I filled with smoothie. I bought my own straws that I put through the lid in the top; they ended up being super cute.

I also bought these fish and chip containers that came with the little wooden forks. Of course, these are designed to hold chips, but I put some raspberries, blueberries, and grapes in there for a healthy twist, and they made for the perfect containers for fruit!

I got these kraft containers to hold the rest of the items, and put in a classic box of popcorn, because you can't watch a film without popcorn! I bought the popcorn itself, but I got these super cute, traditional containers that looked amazing.

Finally, I bought little ice cream tubs that I put pick n' mix sweets into. This was super fun as I personally chose the sweets that I knew everyone would enjoy the most. These containers were the perfect size for a small amount of sweets, especially when you've already got so much to eat on top of that!

And that was it for my movie night. We had the best time, and I really enjoyed getting to use all of the cool extras that I put together. I definitely recommend giving this a go if you fancy making your own lockdown a little bit more interesting. If you do, share your pictures on social media so I can see them!

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