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My Pumpkin Picking Experience

Today I'll be going through my recent experience pumpkin picking for the very first time! if you've never done it before, but have been considering it, then read on to find out how it went, and to gain some tips and tricks!

I visited Kilduff Farm in East Lothian to get my pumpkins. The farm itself was pretty remote and out of the way, but as such it was pretty quiet, so we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. We also booked the earliest time slot of 9am which definitely helped. The atmosphere there was fantastic; loads of hay bails and other stereotypically autumnal/halloween things. We were also surrounded by farm land which added to the look.

This definitely seemed like a great place to bring children; there was a small maze, as well as lots of picture opportunities. While we were there, we certainly saw a lot of families visiting, so it's definitely great for that. There were also portable bathrooms, but no food or drink options, so that's something to consider on your visit.

As we were mainly there for the pumpkins, we grabbed a wheelbarrow and made our way to the fields. We were pretty impressed by the options available to us; despite being midway through the season, there were loads of gourds to pick from that were many different shapes and sizes. We had originally intended on just picking one each, but we ended up with quite a few! Near the tills there was also an array of mini pumpkins to choose from as well that were super cute.

For any adults visiting, there were a lot of other great photo opportunities, including a hut made out of pumpkins which was definitely the star of the show; everyone wanted a picture next to it!

Once we'd paid for our gourds, we made our way out to the car park, having had a fantastic time. As previously mentioned, the lack of dining options prevented it from being a full morning out, but we took a trip to the nearby Merry Hatton Garden Centre for scones and drinks; a super end to a lovely autumn morning!

And what did we do with our pumpkins? I hear you ask. Well we decided not to carve them this year, and instead we are working on an autumnal display outside the front door; what do you think?

I'd love to see your pumpkin pictures! Feel free to share them on social media:

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