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My Summer Bucket List

If you've been hanging around this blog for a while, you probably have noticed that I'm a fan of a bucket list. I love having a set of goals that I'm working towards and checking them off, and each season is no different! This year I've put together a bucket list for my summer, so today I thought I'd go through it to maybe given someone out there some inspiration for their own summer plans!

The first thing I want to do this summer is make pizzas in a pizza oven! I do have a pizza oven but, due to typical Scottish weather, haven't had much chance to use it since I got it, so this summer I want to spend an evening making some delicious wood fired pizzas for dinner outdoors!

This one I've actually already done (see picture proof below). I wanted to put together a super cute garden picnic for us to enjoy. This would include blankets and cushions and bunting and some delicious food. It ended up bieng a lot of fun!

Yes, it seems like I've got a food theme going on! One evening I want to head along to the beach or the harbour and get fish and chips and eat by the sea. When I was younger this is something I used to do every now and again in the summer and it was so nice to be eating nice food, watching the sun set, and enjoying the warm weather.

I want to go swimming this summer! I'm not a particularly strong swimmer, and have never been one to go swimming often, but this year I've just got a hankering to swim! Luckily I'm going on holiday soon where I'll be visiting a spa with an awesome swimming pool, so I can tick that one off my list soon!

Watch the sunrise! I want to wake up super early one morning, head up to a hill, and just enjoy watching the sun rise. I've actually never properly watched a sunrise or a sunset, so this year I hope to be able to say that I've finally done it.

Going to the zoo seems like a basic one, but to me it's a traditional summer activity. When I was younger it was a bit of a tradition to go to the zoo, and I always loved it, so I'd like to bring that back and spend some time with the animals!

Playing adventure golf is another one I'm going to be able to do on my holiday this year, and I can't wait! If you've never played before, I seriously recommend you do; it's so much fun and you're always guaranteed a few laughs!

Go on a hot air balloon is probably my riskiest one. I've always wanted to do this, but I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of nervous about it! I'm still trying to sike myself up to actually book it...so watch this space!

Finally, I want to do an Edinburgh bus tour! I've lived in Edinburgh my entire life and I've never done a bus tour, even though I've done many in other cities. It would be awesome to explore my city from another point of view, and do something super fun and kind of silly!

And that's my summer bucket list; I hope you enjoyed it! If you've got any goals for this summer, let me know, I'd love to hear it!

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