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One Year Blog Anniversary

Well folks, we've made it! Tomorrow (3rd April) is the one year anniversary of GlobalSolo! I can't believe we've been doing this a whole year. I know it's cliché, but it really seems like yesterday that I decided to take the leap and start documenting my past travels and lifestyle ideas...and I haven't looked back! This blog has been such a fantastic creative outlet for me, and I've really enjoyed putting up new content twice a week (I don't mean to brag, but I've never missed a post). Early on, we also added a monthly newsletter as well for subscribers, which has also been a lot of fun to put together.

Recently, we also celebrated our 100th blog post, in which I reflected on the blog and what it's meant to me. So for this post I thought I'd do something a little bit different and choose my favourite blog post that I've done for the past 12 months, so enjoy!

April 2020

This was the first month of GlobalSolo, so of course I had to go with the very first blog post 'Orlando, Florida Trip Part 1'. Not only is this an important blog post for me since it is the first one I ever wrote, but it also is nostalgic, as it covers one of the best days I've ever had in my life. That first day in Disney World at Epcot was so much fun, and I always enjoy reading back over this post.

May 2020

In May, I covered my trip to the Lake District. This was such a fun family trip; it was so relaxing and so enjoyable, that again, this is a great post for me to read back on and reflect. I also like this post as it highlights one of the amazing places you can visit in the UK that's not London. The Lake District is so beautiful, and has so much to offer.

June 2020

A Harry Potter Weekend in Edinburgh is my pick for June as it was the first time I did a post like this, where I created an itinerary for people to follow and enjoy. I've always loved planning holidays, even if I knew I wasn't going to do them, so getting to share them with others that may end up doing them was a great experience, and something I've done many times since.

July 2020

For July, I've chosen one of my home life posts 'Another Summer Birthday'. I love covering birthday posts as it's a great way to store a memory of a lovely day, but it also allows me to share some of my ideas and tips and tricks for throwing a celebration, especially during a lockdown!

August 2020

This month's post pick is A Day in my Life: Weekend Edition. I chose this one as I think it's a nice change of pace and shows a bit more about me and what my life is like. I like to add in these "selfish" posts every now and again, just to make the blog a little bit more personal.

September 2020

My pick for September is actually one my recipes; lasagne and bruschetta. I like to do a recipe post every month or so to document my journey trying to increase my culinary skills. This was one of my earliest ones, and I really enjoyed the process of making it. I still make bruschetta every week now for my dinner - I love it!

October 2020

October has one of my favourite blog posts that I've ever done - My Pumpkin Picking Experience. This was so much fun, and such a nice seasonal activity to do. I had the best time, and I will definitely be back again next year to do it again. If you've never picked pumpkins, I highly recommend giving it a go.

November 2020

I've chosen another recipe for November, which is my chicken tikka masala one. This was the first time I tried a recipe that was significantly complicated, so it really pushed my skills. Overall it was really tasty, and I highly recommend you give it a go!

December 2020

For December I've aptly picked a festive post; My Christmas Eve 2020. This was such a lovely day; it was my prefect Christmas Eve. So I've chosen it because I love reading it back, but also because I think it might give someone out there some good inspiration for their own festive celebrations this year.

January 2021

In January I've picked one of my travel tips posts about how to deal with travel sickness. This was a topic close to my heart as it's definitely something I struggle with, so it was nice to be able to share things that help me with this, and hopefully it helped someone else out there too.

February 2021

I've chosen my Spring mood board post for February. This was the first time I'd done a post like this, which was more about looking to the future than reflecting on the past. It was a really fun exercise to do, and made me super excited for the season ahead - I recommend giving it a go yourself!

March 2021

I've chosen my Living Room Makeover post for March. The move to my Edinburgh flat was a huge part of GlobalSolo in February and March, so I knew I had to pick one of these posts for this month. My living room is my favourite room in the whole flat, so I picked that one!

And so those are my favourite posts. I'd love to know which type of posts are your favourite, and which you would like to see more of! Thanks again for your support to this blog, it truly means the world to me. Here's to another year!

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