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Orlando, Florida Trip, Day 3

And so we find ourselves on to day three of my Florida trip that I took in October of 2019, so let's get right on to it!

After getting breakfast from the hotel at the Gasparilla Island Grill we were ready to hit the shops! We took our first Disney bus over to Disney Springs - Disney's very own shopping centre. Taking the bus does take a fair bit longer than the Monorail, but generally we found it pretty efficient, and it was nice and air conditioned too.

I'd say all in all we spent around an hour and a half at Disney Springs looking around the

shops. They have a nice selection, but a word to the wise for all you fellow Northerners out there - Disney Springs is very hot, and not sheltered at all, apart from one indoor section. This meant we really did struggle with the intense heat, and therefore weren't perhaps as ready to shop as we would normally be. However if you can handle the heat then there's certainly some good shops to look in. We did take the chance to try Poutine from The Daily Poutine, which I'd never had before. Overall I really liked it, but I think I'll stick to the British classic of chips and gravy instead!

For lunch we went to Chicken Guy, which I would recommend, although the service left a bit to be desired! The food itself was fantastic. It's your classic chicken tenders and chips, but there are so many dips to go for, and if you want to know something about me, I'm a dips gal! I went for honey mustard, and buttermilk ranch. My mum went for sweet and source sauce, and aioli. All of them were delicious, but honey mustard will always be my favourite. What's your favourite dip?

At this point we were thoroughly shopped out, so we headed back to the Grand Floridian to drop off our stuff and take a minute to relax. However we didn't let ourselves sit down for too long, as we were heading to Hollywood Studios! Let me tell you, Hollywood Studios is a beautiful park. It has a real 'golden age' feel to it (or at least what I imagine it would feel like).

We began our journey by queuing for Tower of Terror. I had always wanted to go on this

ride but I'd always been too nervous, and let me tell you, as I lined up for this ride, I had never been so nervous in my entire life! I was actually feeling dizzy the entire time I was in the line, but I'm so glad I saw it through and pushed myself to go on it, as I had the best time! Once we got in the elevator I was gripping my mum's arm so tight! The ride itself is themed around the Twilight Zone, and so it has an incredibly spooky atmosphere (which did not help my nerves). We boarded an elevator which takes you up and up and up and up before dropping you and lifting you up over and over again. It makes your stomach swoop like crazy! I'm surprised the person next to me wasn't deafened with how hard I screamed. It was such a thrill!

After a short sit down to get our adrenaline back down again, we decided to do something a bit more stationery, so we headed over to join the line for the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular show. This show was fantastic. As you can imagine, stunt actors showed off some of the amazing stunts they can do without CGI in films. It was a fantastic show, and a great thrill without having to wait in a long line; I would definitely recommend if you want a break from the rides.

From there we moved over to Toy Story Land and headed on to Toy Story Mania, which is a shooting game where you shoot at 3D screens to score as many points as possible. This ride was a real surprise for me as I didn't expect it to be so much fun. We loved getting spun around and shooting like crazy at balloons and targets. We got off the ride laughing like crazy!

At this point it was time for dinner, so we headed over to the Sci-Fi Dine-In restaurant. This really was a surprise hit for us. While the food was just nice, the atmosphere was insane. You are led into a fake drive-in movie theatre. While you're really in a large warehouse, they've done a fantastic job with it, so you feel like you're really outside in Hollywood under the stars. Your table is in a car facing a large screen showing old black and white movies. It was such a fantastic experience, and felt so American! If you're looking for a dining experience rather than a place to quickly fill up, I cannot recommend the Sci-Fi Dine-In enough.

Suitably full, we got a spot for the night time show Fantasmic. the performances were incredible; we got to see tons of the characters here which was nice as we hadn't made time to see them elsewhere. The floats and fireworks that accompanied the show were also amazing. It was one of many 'pinch me' moments on this trip, and it was the perfect end to a great day. If you have the energy, I would highly recommend attending as many of the night time shows as you can, as they really create a lovely finale to your day.

It took us a while to get to the bus terminal at the end of the show due to the number of people leaving, but once we got there we got a bus back fairly quickly, and suitably exhausted, we fell into bed, ready for another amazing day. I loved Hollywood Studios, and if I could do it again, I would definitely give it an entire day, rather than the half day we did. We didn't go to Star Wars land as it had just opened and was therefore incredibly busy, but if I were to go again I would definitely visit Batuu and give Hollywood Studios the whole day it deserves!

See you tomorrow for another blog post - tomorrow we're going to Magic Kingdom!

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