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Orlando, Florida Trip, Day 4

Hold on to your hats folks, we're in for a long one today! On day four of my Florida

adventure, me and my mum were headed to the Magic Kingdom, the most magical place on earth.

We got up at 5.30am to be ready for Extra Magic Hours, which are hours that the parks are open just for those staying at a Disney hotel. If you are staying on property, it's definitely worth dragging yourself out of bed for these hours. You can get so much done with so few people around!

We began the morning by sleepily heading over to Seven Dwarves Mine Train, which is one of the most popular

rollercoasters in the park. We walked right on! Luckily, this did not give me the time to freak out about the fact that I was going on a rollercoaster. As you can see from the picture, I had a great time (sort of). It was pretty scary for a wimp like me, but I did really enjoy it, and it certainly woke us up!

From there we headed over to a Disney classic, It's a Small World. This is honestly one of my favourite rides; it's so relaxing and kind of trippy; a definite must do after an intense ride like Seven Dwarves! We then walked right next door to do Peter Pan's Flight. This one was a pretty long wait and if I'm honest, not really worth it. It's a nice ride, but a bit boring and not worth waiting more than about 20 minutes for it (harsh but true).

By this point we had done three of the major rides and the park wasn't even officially open yet! We then went onto Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid, which takes you through the story of the Little Mermaid. This was actually a pretty cute ride, and if you have small children I think they'd love it! We then quickly walked over to the Tea Cups, which is another classic. Me and my mum always make the time to go on the Tea Cups when we're at a Disney park!

By 8am the park had officially opened to day guests, so we hot footed it out of Fantasyland before it got too busy and headed over to Tomorrowland. we began our journey there by venturing on to the People Mover, which is a slow moving train journey around Tomorrowland. It's actually probably the best way to begin your time in this section of the park as it gives you a nice overview of everything, and was incredibly relaxing...we ended up going on it twice! The Space Mountain lights were even on when we went through the ride which was amazing as we got to see the track (I was too scared to actually go on Space Mountain)!

It was then time to go on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin which is a ride similar to Toy Story Mania, as you shoot at different targets in a moving vehicle. It was fun, but if I'm honest, I would recommend Toy Story Mania over Space Ranger Spin...the weapons are better and the ride moves smoother. We walked right on to Carousel of Progress, which is nice but really I would recommend it as a place that is air conditioned to sit down and relax for about 10 minutes! It is a theatre where the stage spins to show different scenes demonstrating how technology has changed the typical American household over time.

If you can believe it, it was still morning at this point, so we moved over to Liberty Square and joined the queue for the Haunted Mansion. Another staple of Disney parks, the Haunted Mansion takes guests on vehicles around...you guessed it, a Haunted Mansion! It's one of my absolute favourite rides. I would definitely recommend it if you're planning a trip to the parks. We moved on to the Hall of Presidents, which was an interesting way to learn about American history as a non-American. This is a show using screens and animatronics of all the US Presidents to tell the story of the USA.

At this point we were hours ahead of schedule so we decided to do one last ride before lunch and then head back to the hotel for a pit stop. We joined the long queue for Jungle Cruise, a guided boat tour through the jungles of the world, all the while your tour guide is giving you incredibly punny jokes. It's great fun!

Stomachs rumbling, we were ready for lunch. We decided to go for a classic, Casey's Corner, which is a hot dog cafe themed around American baseball. The food is delicious, but be warned, if you head there at lunch time it will be craaaazy busy! We actually ended up mobile ordering through the app, meaning you book the food in advance and then go up to a special window and grab your food. I highly recommend it as it makes things much quicker and simpler! Grabbing a place to sit proved difficult, but we eventually found a shaded bench which was a pretty nice place to chill out.

We both did want to see the parade, however we had a bit of a wait before it started and we were both pretty done in after the intensity of the morning, so we decided to take the sensible option and took the Monorail back to the hotel to shower and chill out. This turned out to be a great option as I even had a nap! This made me feel much more refreshed for our evening back in Magic Kingdom.

We began by watching people go down Splash Mountain, a flume ride that takes visitors down incredibly steep drops; they also get soaking wet! If you ever fancy a break for a minute I recommend sitting and watching the ride and enjoying the screams that come from it! We then moved over to Pirates of the Caribbean, another favourite of mine. This boat ride takes guests along a pirate cove with unexpected twists and turns. It's a fantastic ride and I think would be fun for all age groups.

For dinner we went to Skipper Canteen, a restaurant themed around the Jungle Cruise

ride. The cuisine seemed to range from Aisan to South American. I had a chicken noodle dinner which was lovely, and I finished it off with the nicest banana brownie I have ever eaten. I honestly think about it all the time!

To finish off our day we took another dip on Pirates of the Caribbean and then headed back to the resort, exhausted after an action packed day! My question of the day is: what is your favourite ride in Magic Kingdom?

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