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Orlando, Florida Trip, Day 5

We're nearing the end of my Florida adventure, but the fun has not yet ended! Me and my mum were heading off for another day at Universal, this time avoiding the Harry Potter-related activities, as we had already done them on a previous day.

We began our day at the Universal Studios side of the park, where we began by walking

right on to The Simpsons Ride. This is a simulator ride where you're in front of a huge screen being chased around iconic Springfield locations and faux-Disney "style" locations. It's a pretty intense simulator, but seriously good fun. It was probably my second favourite ride of the entire day...any guesses as to what my favourite is? We both used to be massive Simpsons fans, so we spent a bit of time walking around the Springfield area and looking about. There's tons of good merchandise if you're so inclined.

What was pretty cool about our trip was that we went during Halloween Horror Nights, which is a night time event around Halloween that features properly scary haunted houses and scare zones. We did not attend the event on this occasion, but they leave all the props and sets up so we could be walking through Springfield one minute, and then through a graveyard the next!

From there we went onto ET Adventure. I'll be honest, people seem to love this ride, I don't think it's worth the hype at all! The queue was fantastic, but the ride was not worth the wait! You board a vehicle that looks like a bike and then you fly through the sets of ET. Maybe it's because I've never really liked the film, but I probably wouldn't go on it again.

ET Adventure did serve the purpose of filling time before we could go to the Horror Make-Up Show. This, as the name would suggest, is a show where two actors explain how they do CGI and practical make-up effects in horror movies. If you're interested in film production it's really interesting, but even if you're not it's incredibly funny. Please be warned that they do pick a member of the audience to come up and participate, so if that's a massive no-no for you then maybe stay away! I really enjoyed this show, and it was a great break from the heat outside.

We departed the theatre, squinting from the sun, and went straight over to the Men in Black ride. We actually hadn't expected to go on this ride, as it wasn't on my incredibly detailed plan, but it was a surprise hit! It's another shooter ride like Toy Story Mania and Space Ranger Spin, but it's way more intense! We were spun about like crazy - I HIGHLY recommend giving this one a go.

From there we moved onto another show. This time it was Animal Actors on Location. This was actually a pretty cute show. It shows visitors how they train animals to do stunts and tasks for films. They had so many types of animals, including porcupines - who would have known they could be trained to do stunts?! As far as shows go, it was really fun, and I would definitely recommend it if you have younger children, but I preferred the Horror Make-Up Show.

We quickly nipped across the road once the show had finished to get a quick lunch at Mel's Drive-In; a classic American diner. It's the typical kind of food you would expect, but the staff were lovely and the food was really nice. We even had a good view of a parade occurring outside so it was a great place to sit and relax for a minute.

It was now time to move over to Islands of Adventure; the other half of Universal Studios. We began our adventure at Seuss Landing, an area dedicated to the world of Doctor Seuss. It's definitely more geared towards children, but we went on the Trolley Train ride which was kind of terrifying as you're incredibly high up and there were no sides to the vehicle!

We continued around the park, taking a moment to stop at the Jurassic Park ride and

watch people get soaked by the splash that comes from the attraction! A top tip from me when you're at a theme park and you fancy a break is to stop somewhere where you can see a ride, as it's a really entertaining way to have a pit stop.

We made a last minute decision to go on Poseidon's Fury. We didn't really know what it was, but figured we would give it a go. Let me tell you, it's so weird. It's a show, as in there's an actor there performing in front of you with screens and props, etc., but you walk from room to room with them. I have to say it was pretty boring, and the rooms were quite hot and we had to stand the whole time, which you don't really want to do after a long day walking around a theme park! Wouldn't recommend this one to a friend.

Me and my mum eventually reached Kong: Skull Island. I have to admit, I was pretty nervous about this one! A word of warning: the queue is terrifying! It's very dark and claustrophobic, with a realistic spooky animatronic. Worst of all, there are scare actors that jump out at you - I screamed bloody murder! It was a fun experience, but be warned if that's not your cup of tea! the ride itself was amazing (it was my favourite ride of the day if you hadn't guessed). Guests board a truck that takes you through the most incredible doors you've ever seen into a corridor with screens all around you that makes you feel like you're in the middle of a fight between King Kong and a dinosaur. I wish I went on it twenty more times!

It was now time for dinner, so we headed over to Universal's City Walk to Antojitos, a

Mexican restaurant. The exterior was beautiful - incredibly Instagram-worthy! Inside it was spacious and cool. We had an early dinner, so there were barely any people in there which was quite nice after a busy day in the parks. The food was delicious as well, and we got as many tortilla chips as we could possibly want! After dinner I made a quick stop into Voodoo Doughnuts which sells, you guessed it, doughnuts, but with crazy flavours and in crazy shapes! I got their classic voodoo doughnut which was delicious. the interior of the shop was totally my aesthetic; pink and feminine with tons of supernatural and creepy stuff. Again, totally Instagram-worthy!

The day was action-packed, but amazing, and I'm still dreaming about the food to this day! Until tomorrow folks!

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